neutral party

So, I've basically seen every episode of What Not to Wear at least twice (a few seasons are on Netflix now!!!) and I love it.  When I put on this outfit, I felt like it was a little bland or incomplete, but then I remembered Stacy & Clinton's 'rules' for putting together an outfit: color, texture, pattern, and shine. As long as I count the blue clutch as my color, I'm set, right?  Let's just pretend Stacy and Clinton don't see my ripped jeans, because I think I'd be in trouble for those...
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  1. Ya know, I think they'd be ok with these ripped jeans!! They are flattering, a good light color with the lightness of the sweater & just plain cute! They add a little relaxation to the dressy-ish cuteness going on up top! And if they do have an issue with it, then they really need to read the on-trend handbook bc HELLO, so on point right now!!

  2. I agree! They'd be fine with the jeans because the fit on you is spectacular! Love the pop of color in your clutch and your lips! This is really great!

    1. Aww you're too kind! Thanks so much Caryl :)


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