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super bowl snacks:  I'm scouring pinterest for fun appetizer/snack ideas for the super bowl.  Let's be honest though, I'll probably make my default pizza, various dips, and maybe be adventurous with some tot-chos. (tater tot nachos.  They're insane in the best way possible.)  Any favorites I should try?  Guy Fieri made these absolutely delicious sounding chicken and waffle sliders the other day and I may have to give them a whirl too.
match the dots: I go through iPhone game phases... for awhile it was Words with Friends, then Scramble with Friends, Tetris, Lock'n'Roll, and now it's Match the Dots.  You literally make dots disappear by drawing lines through touching ones of the same color.  Sounds simple enough, right?  I can play it for hours though... don't judge.
j. crew papaya paisley button down: Curse you J.Crew end of season sales....  I loved this when it came out, but unless it's a 'staple' I can't quite justify a $100 button down.  A $40 button down though?  Absolutely, plus they offered free shipping with no minimum on Sunday, so I saved another $5, because that's how that adds up, right? (They're offering the same deal again today! And they've added more lovely things to their sale section. Ugh!)
hip hop abs: I got this workout DVD for Christmas with every intention of doing it... but in our 700 sq ft apartment (that might be an exaggeration...) there's not much privacy, or space for that matter.  To work out requires moving our coffee table to either block the bathroom or main door.  Super convenient.  All it takes is one excuse for me not to work out lately.  Ugh, I miss cross country and two hours set aside each day for practice.  Once I start getting my daily dose of Shaun T though, I'm sure you'll get my thoughts on it, solicited or not...
lorde's album: Frankly, I don't know what most of this chick's music is about, and she seems kind of crazy, but goodness her tunes are catchy.  She's basically taken over my Pandora station, along with Charlotte Sometimes and Cold War Kids.  
coral statement necklace: Holy cow.  Something has lasted a week on my want list.  I can't take all the credit though, Banana Republic's online checkout didn't work like three days in a row for me.  They also cancelled one of my orders with no notification whatsoever.  And that order was a gift.  No bueno.  So me & BR are in a little tiff.  I'm sure once I get over it, this lovely will be in my closet, because well, I have a problem. {and BR has a lot of sales}
Happy hump day!


  1. I am so with you on Lorde! I actually told the husband driving to work today that I just need to make "Royals" my ringtone already. Can't get enough of that song! And workout videos are so tough to do at home!! But anything + hip hop has got to = fun, no? :)

    1. Such a good song!

      And yes, hypothetically hip hop + anything should be... the husband is giving it a go this afternoon and maybe a positive report will encourage me hehe... we'll see!

      Thanks for stopping by :)


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