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Every year, I rack my brain for Christmas gift ideas for the man in my life.  Then, by the time Valentine's Day rolls around, I'm chock out of gift ideas.  Maybe because I start thinking about it February 4th or so.  But this year will be different!  I've started my shopping early, and I figured I'd help a sister out.  Stumped on what to get your man?  Below I've got ideas at all price points, for the jock, tech-savvy, funny man, foodie, and then some.  If you're looking for something more sentimental (or more budget-friendly) keep your eyes peeled for a few gift basket ideas and printable coupons.
Under $25
maze iPhone case [for the five year old in all of us, plus it's just cool] 
bottle opener iPhone case [it's multifunctional: protect your phone and open bottles.  I've scolded the husband a few times for using his wedding band to open mexican pop bottles.  It's not taco tuesday without mexican pop.
book or return address embosser [maybe it seems nerdy, but really it's awesome.  He'll want to emboss everything.  It's especially great if he loans out his books often.] 
engraved pocket knife [every guy needs a pocket knife, and it's better with his name on it, no?]  
happy pills [these are adorable.  You get to write your own little message on a slip of paper that goes into each pill.  Put something you love on each slip, or a charming memory.]  
herringbone scarf [it's warm and fuzzy, just how you make him feel, awwww]  
humorous socks [he's too sexy for his socks, what more need you communicate for Valentine's day?]
Under $50
magnetic collar stays [Magical.  Any man who wears dress shirts needs these.] 
Northface E-tip Gloves [they keep your hands warm and you can text message, facebook, or play angry birds.]  
L'Homme cologne by YSL [every man should smell delicious, and while working in the men's department at Nordstrom I never encountered a man or woman who didn't love this fragrance.] 
iPod shuffle [the perfect little accessory for the gym, and it finally comes in a masculine color] 
Hipster linen pocket squares [If hipster is an appropriate adjective for your man, and he ever wears suits or sport coats, these are a necessity.]  
Engraved pen [For the classy professional.]
Under $100
The Art of Shaving starter kit [I've never shaved my face, but I've heard from a few men that do how this product line is life changing.]  
ENO hammock [This handy hammock fits in a little bag the size of a softball, perfect for the outdoorsman, or the guy that just likes to hang out in the backyard.]  
Herschal weekender bag [the perfect classic weekend getaway bag.]  
Colorpop leather wallet [and it has RFID blocking technology, the geeky guy will love that feature.  The cool one will just like the clean lines and chic colored lining.]  
molecular gastronomy kit [perfect for any foodie or science nerd, or both if you got that lucky.]  
Over $100
Burberry tie [that beautiful plaid is a classic, and the pale pink is quite festive.]  
Kindle Paperwhite  [my personal pick out of all the reading tablets... for a book worm, any tablet will do.]
USB drive cufflinks  [Suddenly, I wish cufflinks were a women's accessory too, but I guess we get purses.  Purses just aren't quite as James Bond-esque.]  
Basis health tracker watch [this watch does everything, it's incredible.  Any healthy-savvy guy would get so much use out of this cool gadget.]

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  1. L'homme is what my husband wears most often!! Love it! Such a clean, classic scent!


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