What I'm... Wednesday

nad's eyebrow wand: I'm secretly the laziest person ever when it comes to grooming.  I wax my own eyebrows about once a month, and get my hair cut and colored by my savvy hairdresser mom whenever I visit home (maybe twice a year...).  I get one pedicure a summer, and manis for special occasions.  Long story short, this little wand is a beauty savior.  I would have some seriously bushy brows without it.

maze iPhone case: My phone dies before the end of the day consistently.  I'm addicted to instagram and Tetris.  Most of the battery goes to Tetris, let's be honest.  So what better iPhone game than one that takes no battery life whatsoever?!  And if I can get hours of entertainment from Tetris, I can probably get days from this maze.

sam edelman sandals: I'm already eagerly buying spring clothes. #rational.  The high on Monday was -3°.  The HIGH.  It will probably be awhile until I can actually justify buying these, but for now they will sit in my shopping cart looking pretty.

the perfect cocktail ring: I have tried on dozens of cocktail rings and haven't quite found the perfect one.  I l-o-v-e the YSL arty ring, but I can't really justify a $300 cocktail ring on my budget... I can still browse them though.

camelback eddy:  I think I have four of these... one for my office, one for my living room, one for my bedroom, and one just in case.  I am obsessed.
OXO pineapple slicer: speaking of obsessed, this is the handiest kitchen gadget EVER.  E gave it to me for Christmas, and I wasn't sold.  Since getting home and trying it (roughly a week ago...) we've eaten four pineapples.  It makes cutting up a pineapple magical.  If you don't get one, at least youtube it-- seriously incredible.


  1. Love this post! Very creative! I had no idea they made pineapple slicers, I imagine it is indeed a very handy kitchen gadget!



    1. Aww thank you! I had no idea either-- but it was life changing ;)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I keep putting the pineapple slicer on my Wish List, but I think my husband and parents think I'm lazy!! LOL!! I serious want one!! It looks so handy, and really, it is a lot of work to clean a pineapple....and the precut spears are super expensive!! Great list ladycakes!!

    1. Thanks Corey! & You should probably get yourself one :) It takes like a minute to slice up a whole pineapple, and it makes perfect little rings. If that's not magic, I don't know what is...


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