what I'm... wednesday

alba pineapple scrub: it smells like paradise and makes your skin feel phenomenal.  Plus it's like $6, which in the skincare world is free.  The husband even uses it sometimes.  Shhh, you don't know that though.
kate spade glitter bug pouch: glitter, bows, kate spade, what more can a girl want?  It holds my tablet perfectly, or serves as a clutch when I go out.
bomber jackets: Ummm, I may have acquired like four of these in the last two weeks.  Don't judge.  Below the first four are ones I've bought, followed by a few others I've been eyeing.
shelock on BBC: Favorite.Show.Ever.  Season three is now online, so I'm a happy camper.  I've watched season one and two innumerable times, and each time it just gets better.  If you've never seen it, you should add it to your Netflix watchlist asap.  If you've seen it and love it, watch BBC's Zen next.
IU basketball: College basketball is my favorite sport, hands down.  So even if IU isn't having the greatest season (EXCEPT BEATING THE #3 SEED LAST NIGHT!!!!), I still have my ESPN alerts for every game and catch them when I can.  Go IU!
wedding photo book: I'm designing my sister's for a birthday/christmas gift, and hopefully getting around to my own afterwards (only a year or so late...)
What are you use/love/obsess/watch/cheer/working this lovely wednesday?


  1. i LOVE the bomber jackets!! esp the floral gap one. I cant wait to see how you style it...might push me over the edge into buying it myself!!

    1. You should probably just get it today, 40% off!! I don't even have my hands on it yet and I'm already excited!

  2. Sherlock. Yes. If we lived in the same place, I'd totally have a viewing party and invite you.

    1. And we could wear our wedding dresses! ;) Seriously though, I basically named my dog after the show #crazyfangirl


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