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This was one of my last purchases in January, and I'm pretty sure the only reason I could justify it was because I'm not shopping in February (and because my good friend Rayla facilitates my shopping problems and said I should...).  Now it just needs to get here, fingers crossed UPS and the post office don't close down today.
Carrot is THE FIRST iPhone 'productivity' app that has actually motivated me to accomplish anything.  You earn points and level up by checking things off your list, and the app gets moody and insults you if you don't do anything productive for too long.  It's absolutely ridiculous.  And I love it.  Oh and you can eventually earn a cat, and the app is mean to your cat if you're lazy.  I don't even cats, and I still think this is the greatest app ever.  Right now I need to accomplish more stuff so I can change my poor cats name, right now her name is Sludge.  Moral of the story, if you like to-do lists, cats, or earning points, get this app.
Tom & Lorenzo has been my favorite celebrity fashion blog since about 2006... when I first discovered the internet was comprised of more than wikipedia and hollister.com (I was like 16 then... give me a break...) They provide a refreshingly witty, yet intelligent take on celebrity fashion, and make it about the clothes, not the celebrities themselves which I really appreciate.  So, since their book came out yesterday and I pre-ordered it on Amazon, it is now sitting delightfully on my coffee table for my enjoyment.  I'm not far enough in to offer a concrete opinion, but I'm pretty sure it will be spectacular.  I expect no less from my 'gay uncles' as they've coined themselves.
wearing: maybelline colorsensational lip gloss
Aside from the fact I almost returned my first two bottles because I couldn't open them (it looks like a tube of lipstick!  I thought you should just pull the top, not twist it....) I'm obsessed with this gloss.  It's got super concentrated pigment and will only set you back $8.  Win.
eyeing: scallop satchel
How cute would this satchel be for spring?  It's the perfect size and such a versatile color.  Now if the weather would convince me it's ever going to warm up, maybe I can start thinking more seriously about the wardrobe additions I'll be making for the new season.  In March, of course.
nibbling: banana greek yogurt + chocolate protein powder
Sounds kind of weird, right?  But for 200 calories I get like 35 grams of protein, and it tastes likes dessert.  Plus this is one satisfying breakfast or afternoon snack.  

How's your Wednesday going?


  1. I finally got to pick the food I feed my cat. SUCCESS.

    1. Awesome! I got to feed my cat trout and pizza the other day. It was absurdly satisfying. Now I just need to change his name.

  2. Haha I have the same goal for February...I figured it's a short month so it's more doable? I believe in you!

    1. We can do it!! I've tried once before and totally cheated, so I'm hoping to actually make it this month! Good luck!

  3. Hey girl! I love when you do these posts. Also, there's this thing called the "Liebster Award" going around...and I 'nominated' you for one. All it means is that I like your blog and want you to answer a few fun questions in a blog post back to me (IF you want to). Here's the link to my blog where I've nominated you and listed the questions: http://not2normal.blogspot.com/2014/02/passin-on-dat-liebster-goodness.html


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