polka dots + houndstooth

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I certainly did; finally got my fill of cooking, hosting, and tasty food.  I didn't know until Sunday who the Seahawks were even playing in the Super Bowl, but I definitely knew what was on our viewing party menu :)
I wish I took more pictures, but somehow eating always wins over photo taking.  We also had tater tot nachos, (or 'tot-chos' as I like to call them... they're life changing, for real) loads of veggies and dip, spinach artichoke dip, cookie dough pops, and the list goes on.  And yes, I made those chicken and waffle sliders I mentioned earlier, but they were not as delectable as I hoped.  Everything else was super tasty though, which is wonderful because with the epic blizzard currently happening outside we'll be living on leftovers awhile (and our kitchen is still in recovery...)
How was your Super Bowl?  And what commercial was your favorite?  I basically missed most of them, so I need to youtube the good ones :)

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