what I'm wednesday

loving metallic oxfords: if you follow me on instagram... you may have seen the three pairs of androgynous metallic shoes I ended up keeping.  I intended to keep just one, but really, when they're each under $45, who am I kidding trying to exercise self-control?
trying out teeth whitening pen: it was only $10 on amazon and I don't know if there's 30 minutes in my day that I'm not at work or eating/drinking to wear white strips.  It got great reviews, so hopefully it works!

watching numb3rs: so this is basically a show about a math genius who helps the FBI solve crimes, and I pretty much want to be a mathematician now.  I also have weird dreams about solving murders and almost getting blown up when I watch it too close to going to bed....

so not feeling fanny packs: or 'belt bags' as seems to be the new nomenclature.  Regardless of title, if I'm keeping my tampons in a pouch around my waist, I'm just not into it.  I'm also totally fighting the resurgence of overalls, but I'll save that for another day.

drinking pineapple coconut water: if this stuff wasn't $2.50 a box, it would be my primary source of hydration.  It's SO delicious, there's no added sugar, and it's super hydrating.  You just feel refreshed after drinking it.  Kind of the same satisfaction as a gatorade but without the slimy-sweet mouth sensation... And this is why I am not a food critic....

downloading rhonna designs: I basically paid 99¢ for the little chevron pattern (see below) but I'm realizing there are all kinds of other gems in this app.  I'm definitely still a fan of Over and Typic, but the little graphics in this are my new favorite.  

Yea or nay on fanny packs?  Am I just a hater, or should they really stop before they even start? 

Also a few other things that seem relevant to 'what I'm...'

excited that: one of my blog pins has almost 5,000 repins!! 

looking forward to: my next giveaway :)  I've got about $200 worth of fabulous goodies to share with a lucky winner (anthropologie gift card, J.Crew jewels, sephora goodies, just to name a few...) So keep your eyes peeled!

over: the bar exam.  E is on his second-- he passed IL and then we ended up staying in IN for my job.  He's just finishing up this afternoon, and I'm so excited to have my husband/puppy-pooper back.  Obviously more for the earlier than the latter ;)


  1. Hahaha to fanny packs. I mean, I just can't. I feel like they keep trying and trying to come back, but like you said - who wants to wear tampons around their waist?!

  2. Oh my gosh... I don't understand fanny packs. And I'm against overalls as well. I LOVE that hat from J.Crew; I saw one like it at the factory store last weekend and didn't give it a second thought until today, when I thought it'd go perfectly with my outfit! I'm seriously considering getting it now. I also cannot wait for your giveaway. Eee!

    xo Kimi


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