H&M jacket | J.Crew blouse | Old Navy pullover | J.Crew necklace | AG skinny cargos (in brown) | Hunter rain flats | Herschel backpack | Burberry satchel

I've decided that Chicago is my favorite place in the entire world.  Melodramatic much?  Maybe, but seriously I love it.  So. Much.  (in case my last trip didn't make it clear enough...) And the fact that it is only 4 hours away isn't bad either.  

I went up Friday night and spent the whole weekend with my fabulous best friend.  
Meet Eunice.  She's the best.
It however isn't a complete trip without stopping at the candy factory on the way and buying 6lbs of gummy candy.  No really.... I bought six pounds.  I shared a lot of it, but with like 900 types of gummies, it's pretty easy to go crazy trying new things.  Their slogan doesn't lie, they really are the best gummies.
Then, once I actually got to Chicago we had dinner at Adobo grill.  Their guacamole is magic and I should probably just order it as my meal... but I also got their chipotle-tamarind chicken tacos and they were the tastiest chicken tacos I've ever eaten.  I think I'll try to duplicate them this weekend, and if I succeed, a recipe will come soon :)

Saturday we had brunch at Orange-- a little fruishi to start
and then tiajuana eggs benedict.  I think I could live on brunch.  Why don't we brunch in Bloomington?  Oh, because it's Bloomington.  Forgive me for being such a hater.
Then we did what we do best... shop.
We exercised some self control though, just J.Crew and Sephora.
I said some.....  

Sunday we did brunch at the Bongo Room, more starbucks, trekking around the city, and blog photos.  Basically the perfect weekend.  But let's be honest, we could do just about anything and it would be the perfect weekend, excellent shopping and food are just added bonuses.  Yeah for best friends!
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  1. Beautiful photos!! Love it.

  2. Love these photos. And I love your outfit! Love the way you mixed everything!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  3. So much fun! I love Chicago, too! And looks like the weather wasn't too bad - at least it was sunny! Was enjoying tracking your trip on Instagram! Bffs are the best.

    1. Isn't Chicago great?! And as far as chi town is concerned, the weather was spectacular! (25-30° the whole time haha) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I also love Chicago, My hubby and I have talked about going this summer again. Love your casual look and it looks like you and your bestie had a great time. :)

    1. Summer is definitely the time to go ;) a little warmer! And thanks so much!


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