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So, this weekend I'm headed to Indianapolis for a reunion with my college BFFs/roommates.  Hopefully the commute will go better than my return from Chicago.  Ha.  I left this little story out of my Chicago adventure...
I'm a good driver, and I'd venture to say I have a keen sense of direction.  I can usually look at a map and get where I need to go, or ride along once and then mimic the route.
My trip home from Chicago did not go as swimmingly as anticipated, however.  First of all, I should know better than trying to drive on limited sleep and an empty stomach.  Add to that phone chatting, which may very well be illegal in illinois, and there is some serious messy potential.
First I missed my exit.  No biggie right, just turn around?  No problem.  Except I'm on a toll road and almost out of coins.  Not good.  So of course to turn around I had to exit, and pay a toll.  I dreadfully fed my last nickels and dimes into the entirely automated machine, noting the very bold 'NO CREDIT CARDS' sign, as a pit formed in my stomach.  If this is a toll road heading East, it's probably a toll road heading West...  YUP!  So as I re-entered the highway heading the correct direction, I had to take a ticket for a toll to pay later.  No biggie, I just don't have ANY paper or coin money left.  And I negotiate with machines really well.  And I'm in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.  At this point I was still pretty calm though, like I said I'm a pretty chill driver.  So as I exited the toll my phone rings, and I ANSWER IT.  I have no idea why, but as I'm telling my dear husband about how I'm totally lost and out of money I go the wrong way AGAIN.  And basically hang up on him.  So now, I will have to exit, pay another toll, and get another toll ticket, EXCEPT I HAVE NO MONEY.  At this point, tears were streaming down my face and I'm pathetically muttering 'I JUST WANT TO GO HOME'.  The next exit is 11 miles away, so obviously I just turn around at the next 'Emergency Vehicles Only, NO U-TURNS' spot, because I've already broken a bunch of Illinois's other laws, AND if I can't afford one more toll, I definitely can't afford two.
Now, it's time to pay the toll that will lead me to freedom.  If the phone rings, I will not answer it.  I will not go the wrong direction.  I can finally go home, and more importantly, get dinner.  Except that toll.  That dreadful toll that will cost me 60¢ I do not have.  As I approached the toll booths, I looked for an alternative solution.  There was no way around it... so I pulled into a cash lane and started digging through every part of my car looking for coins.  Nothing.  A car pulls up behind me, and I muster every ounce of courage I have to get out of my car and ask the car behind me for 60¢ and hope they're not a serial killer.  No big deal.  As I readied myself to open the door, I noted the sign on the toll machine that angrily read 'NO CREDIT CARDS'.  The sign was above the place to insert bills.... Of course you don't put credit cards in the bills slot... They go in the credit card slot, which... exists.  I can pay with a credit card!!!  
So I never got to make friends with the serial killer, I just paid the toll with my mastercard and got on my way, like none of it ever happened.  But it did, and never will I go on a road trip with less than $20 cash again.  Ever.


  1. Eeek! I'm glad you were able to get out of the toll mess. :) We don't have toll roads where I live and I'm so thankful for that! I was on the east coast once with my boyfriend and we had forgotten about the toll...we had barely enough change to pay it!

    xo Kimi

  2. Haha oh man!!! That story made me laugh - sounds like something that would totally happen to me.

    xoxo Danielle
    For the Love of Leopard

  3. Oh this story had my name write all over it! I'm a mess when I drive - because I have ADD terribly. So sadly, this story is more my norm than my exception! So glad you worked this out! Have fun in Indy!!!


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