what I'm wednesday

obsessed with AG skinny cargos: these pants feel like butter and are almost 80% off.  If only they had my size left in every.single.color.  They would be mine, and my legs would be blissfully clothed in the most divine fabric ever.  I do not exaggerate. 

satisfied that baseball caps are a 'thing': I've been a fan since my freshman year of college when my casual apparel mimicked that of a frat boy: chino shorts, v-neck tee, halfzip pullover, boat shoes, and a ralph lauren/lacoste baseball cap.  I've since branched out to caps with my favorite sports teams, and J.Crew's line of baseball caps.  The latter of which I cannot get enough of, I love them all.

eating rainbow chicken salad with almond honey mustard dressing: I could eat this salad dressing like soup.  It's that ridiculously good.  Plus crunchy lettuce, tart blueberries, juicy grapes and salty feta?  Basically the greatest salad ever.  Plus this blog has dozens of other salads that sound just as tasty.

playing dominion: E and I got invited to a gamenight the other weekend (we're really cool like that) and we learned to play 'dominion'.  It looks super nerdy in this picture {and in the Amazon description}, and maybe it is... but I thought it was really fun.  It's basically a card game with a lot of variables.  It should be showing up on our doorstep today (I should probably just start including 'what I'm waiting from from Amazon' as a consistent 'what I'm' since I basically order at least one thing every week....) and I'm stoked to lose to Eli over and over.

waiting for the j.crew floral statement necklace to go on sale: I saw this pretty in Chicago in person and it was STUNNING.  And $150.  I opted for three necklaces instead of just one, because it seems inevitable that their glass case jewels go 40% (it's marked down to $120 right now.... I'm waiting it out).  So fingers crossed it happens soon, because I'm really itching to get my hands on this beauty.

excited for ladies' lunch: later this week I'm meeting up with some lady friends for lunch at Farm, an eclectic restaurant that features local, seasonal ingredients in really creative dishes.  Great company, and great food; what else do I need to be perfectly content? (new shoes....)

What's the most noteworthy thing about your Wednesday?


  1. Oh my goodness, we've tried to go to Farm every time we've been down to Bloomington but we've never been able to get in! Super jealous you live there and can go haha. Maybe next time we're there we''ll finally succeed.

    1. It's SO good. If you like french fries at all you have to get their garlic fries for sure. You should probably come down to Btown just to go ;)

    2. Trust me, I campaign to go down there at least once a month so we can get kolaches from sweet Claire bakery. I'll add garlic fries to the list!

    3. Good plan. The food alone is worth a day trip haha :)

  2. I love those skinny cargos! How do I figure out my size? Do you know the conversion?

  3. Thanks! Typically conversions are as follows:
    2: 26 | 4: 27 | 6: 28 | 8:29 | 10:30 | 12: 31 | and so forth! I found these ran pretty true to size :) Hope that helps!

  4. I got my cargos today! Perfect fit, thanks! I also have a Boston. Love the photos with your boy!


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