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Hi all!!  I feel like I've abandoned my little blog, 6 whole days without a post.  Since I don't get a real spring break from my day job {oh the woes of the real world} maybe I just needed to mentally check out for a stint.  Or maybe my my last batch of blog photos was taken in bad light, and the leather dress I was wearing looked awful and it took me five days of salad eating to motivate myself to step in front of the camera again.  Let's go with number one, for fear of being ridiculous.  Definitely number one.
wearing metallic loafers: how perfect are these shoes for spring?  Plus they're crazy comfortable.  I ordered them at $39 and thought I was getting a bargain, but wait!  They're now 80% off at $25, insane!  You probably need a pair. {and speaking of crazy good sales, one of my recent J.Crew favorite necklaces (seen here & all over my IG) is now on crazy sale too!}

eating PB2 by the spoonful: umm, new obsession.  It's peanut butter powder that you can add to smoothies, cookies, etc, or just mix with water and eat like normal peanut butter.  This magic goodness, however, has way less fat and calories than peanut butter.  Plus, when you mix it with water and eat it solo, it has all the peanutty goodness of classic PB without the mouth drying, sticky effect.  

loving blendercleanser brush cleaner: I am the WORST at cleaning my makeup brushes, which is no bueno considering my breakout-prone skin.  This little cleaning compact can get even me to clean my brushes though.  Just moisten your brushes and swirl them around the disc and rinse.  One of these handy compacts will be included in my upcoming giveaway, which is slated to begin Monday {woot!}

working on copying red mango: I read on some random blog last week that the ingredient that makes red mango so tangy and delicious is citric acid.  So, logically I ordered a pound of it (smallest amount I could find...) and am going to play mad scientist with plain yogurt, stevia, fruit extract, citric acid, and my ice cream maker until I get it right.  If I succeed, there will be a recipe for sure.  I'm just a little stoked.  {backstory, I survived on Red Mango my sophomore year of college... it was across the street from my apartment... I racked up so many loyalty points it wasn't even funny... it was however delicious}

excited for chicago round two: I'm bringing Eli this time because I'm nice like that, and he's kind of my other half.  We're crashing in the suburbs with his super hip sister and her family.  Really though, if I can be half as awesome as my sister-in-law and our kids be close to as smart/well mannered/ pleasant as theirs, my life will be a success.  End of story.  Getting to see my bestie again is definitely the cherry on top.  Also, if you know anyone in the Chicago area looking to hire a lawyer or an analyst/consultant/marketer let me know, we would gladly move there :)

procrastinating washing my car: do you see this trend?  I'm awful at cleaning my makeup brushes, washing my car, waxing my eyebrows.... guh.  Really though, this winter has been a salty mess, and my car got coated in some unknown white crusty business in the last parking garage it was parked, so my annual car wash is well overdue.  Yes, annual.  My cute little car has seen all of maybe 10 washes her whole life, which since she's a 2006 means that's more than 1 a year. {hint: my mom finds washing cars relaxing, so when I was in high school she washed it... terrible? maybe, but I wasn't going to stop her...}

Hope you're having a great Wednesday! & Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Oh my goodness, it never even occurred to me that you could potentially make your own froyo a la red mango. This could be either the best thing that's ever happened to me or the most dangerous...you'll have to let me know if it works! If not, we can always just hit up red mango together sometime :)

    1. Right?! I'm realllly hoping it works. Either way, Red Mango should happen- no such thing as too much froyo {and I haven't figured out how to make mocchi yet...}


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