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loving summerweight sweaters: or more specifically, this summerweight boyfriend sweater.  The navy is on its way to me now, curse/praise you J.Crew Factory.  Only they could make such a perfectly light, airy sweater for summer, and only they could pull off making summerweight a compound word.

designing new catalogs for work: if it wasn't for my slight case of professional A.D.D., I think I would like to be a graphic designer.  The creative design projects I get to tackle at work are some of my favorite tasks for sure.  I just can't design things all day, everyday without going crazy.  Trouble is, I have that same issue with basically any task.  Except shopping.  I can shop everyday without getting sick of it.

in denial that I may need a new computer soon: curse technology.  My laptop, a MacBook Pro that came with a very hefty pricetag, is not old.  Thanks to the person that broke into my car and stole my last one {it was totally hidden, I really wasn't asking for it!} I got a new one in 2011.  3 years should not render my computer useless, but it is lagggging.  So the ever important question, laptop or desktop? {Mac or PC isn't even a question, let's be honest.... I've used Macs my whole life, they're easier, AND prettier...}

shopping for a steamer: Anyone have recommendations?  I'm an incompetent iron-er.  My clothes literally end up with more creases than when they started, and that's after it took me 8 months to iron them.  Wait, I'm lying... probably more like 12 months.  I'd rather not break the bank, but I'm open to anything under $150ish?  Or am I being ridiculous thinking I can get one in that range?  Responsible clothes maintainers, please inform me :)

making coconut chia pops: When it peaked to 50 degrees the other day, I bought some awesome rocket shaped popsicle molds for like $7 at TJ Maxx.  Today it was 30, but I'm still making popsicles, mostly because I accidentally made a ginormous batch of coconut chia pudding.  Everything is better shaped like a frozen space shuttle though.

in dire need of no-show socks that really don't show: again, any favorites?  My sad feet do not appreciate the plethora of oxfords/loafers that I've been wearing sans socks.  It's just not cool, in more ways than one.

really doing, right now: listening to puppy and husband snore on the couch {puppy out-snores husband, E's really just breathing kind heavy...} jamming out to Adele, thinking about how I want a snack, and feeling guilty that I still haven't gotten my giveaway all sorted out.... soon though!!

Hope you had a great Wednesday as well!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I hate ironing! If it weren't for the husband, I wouldn't even have an iron in the house! I steam everything! I started out with a steamer in the $50 range. It was a HoMedics brand, and it worked just fine, but I wanted something a little more sturdier and closer to commercial grade use, so I upgraded to a Rowenta. I'm almost positive that it's in the $200 range, but I found it on Ideeli for more like the $150 range. It's an older version of this:
    As far as no show socks - Keysocks are what I've been turning to lately, but they obviously only work with pants :(
    Hope that helps!

    1. Thanks so much for the recommend! I just got a $50 amazon gift card so I might just have to go for it, or at least something that brand! They all get good reviews, and I had NO idea where to start... I literally inherited my iron from a roommate that moved and it's awful haha

  2. I'm also struggling with finding no-show socks! Why are they so hard to find?! I'm sorry to hear about your computer! I'm assuming you do everything you can to keep it clean & speedy since you work with computers at work (or did I make that up?). I've had my MacBook since 2008 and it's definitely way slower, but I think most of my problem is the amount of cat hair that collects inside of it. My memory is maxed & my SSD is almost full, so all I can pretty much do is get my computer blown out every few months, haha! (And "secure empty trash" things in my trash more than once a month. And delete things in general...)

    xo Kimi

    1. Right?! I don't know why there's not more choices! The pair I pictured from J.Crew is on sale now, so I might have to go for those :) And I most certainly do work with computers! I'm definitely more software than hardware savvy, but I slack when it comes to keeping my own computer 'clean'. I probably just need to purge it and get an external hard drive. I'll give getting it blown out a try though! Thanks for the advice :)


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