weekend recap + some randoms

Happy Monday!  Over the weekend I ventured to Chicago.  Again.  Really though, we just need to move there.  We have awesome family in Chicago, my best friend lives there, and it has everything Bloomington doesn't. {no offense Bloomington}  I spent Friday night and Saturday with my Bestie.  Somehow, with us a trip to Trader Joes turns into a trip to Ulta, Target, Trader Joes, J.Crew, Noodles and Company.... You get the idea.  I exhibited a little more self control than my last Chicago trip though.  Granted I didn't intend to shop at all... baby steps.  
eyeshadow palette | hand cream | gold eyeliner pencil | nail polish remover pen | leave in keratin spray | cute straws | alba scrub | rose lipstick | graphic clutch
I also dressed myself last week.
And last but not least, Sherlock is the best road trip companion.
Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned this week for a few new outfits, and a giveaway!

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  1. I miss you times 1000! These pictures are beautiful!


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