what i'm... wednesday

excited for floral kicks: I just got the shipping notification for these beauties and I am SO excited.  How adorable are these kicks?  Plus I have the greatest office dress code {basically no dress code...} and can rock them on a regular basis.  Be prepared to see these on my feet constantly on instagram :)

watching hart of dixie: Netflix is truly the death of my productivity, yet I thoroughly enjoy it.  Sometimes you just need a mindless flick, and this one is too perfect.  Just the right dose of humor, ridiculous drama, and insane Southern belle dresses and fascinators.  

shopping for leopard pants: I've seen so.many.fabulous.bloggers wearing leopard pants lately, and it's official: I need a pair.  I've had my eye on this pair from H&M a little while, but I never feel like driving the 15 minutes to the other side of town to try them on.  Small town problems.  Anyone else seen cute pairs around?

nibbling on ginger medallions: So, I could basically gnaw on a raw ginger root happily, but coat it in sugar and magically make it gummy and I am one happy camper.  Plus it's organic, so it's okay that it's coated in sugar, right...?  Need some? Let me know and I can give you a code for $10 off your first purchase :) 

celebrating sherlock's 1st birthday: Oh my goodness our little Boston is getting old!!!  He's turning one this weekend.  We don't have any grand birthday plans... I mean he is a pup after all, but he'll probably get some steak and I'm sure my mom will have presents for him, because she only has grand-puppies and spoils them readily.  It's pretty precious. 

reading allegiant: I knocked out the first two books in this series in about 4 days total... but I got about a dozen pages into the third and lost interest.  E and I saw Divergent on Saturday, and it reignited my interest in seeing how it ends.  Plus we have a 4 hour drive to St. Louis coming up, and we take turns driving and reading to each other to pass the time.  

Hope you had a great wednesday! 


  1. Ok several things. 1. I was almost tempted by those leopard pants the other day at H&M, you'll have to let me know if you like them if you end up giving them a go. 2. Random fact, I have a friend (ish?) who is on Hart of Dixie, she plays Magnolia haha. 3. I will be very curious to hear what your thoughts on Allegiant are...I'll leave it at that.

    1. 1. I'm hoping to try them on this weekend, and you will probably witness the ridiculousness via IG if I end up getting them :) 2. She's adorable. You should be her bff so you can get famous too ;) 3. I've heard the end is awful and I think I may have accidentally spoiled it, but we'll see!!

  2. Oh I love your "What I'm.....Wednesdays"!! So glad you are loving Hart of Dixie!! It's just good, clean craziness!! I'm ridiculously in love with those new NB sneaks now....thank you for sharing those!! I seriously can't get enough of the NB coziness!! Can't wait to see how you style them! As for Allegiant......well, good luck! :)

    1. I'm so glad you recommended it!! And I'm absolutely obsessed with these sneakers too and they haven't even arrived! They may replace my leopard Adidas for the spring/summer :) hahaha and I've heard the same thing from everyone about Allegiant.... I'll probably finish this weekend, and likely vent about it next wednesday when I'm looking for a book to read where there's a happy ending. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo


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