what I'm wednesday

deciding between striped or perforated leather slip-ons: I ordered both pairs with the intention of just keeping one, but they're both so comfy and cute.  I think the white fills a void in my shoe closet (casual black & white flats) while the blue are probably more 'me'.  Oh the dilemma ;)
working on updating my resume: I haven't touched my resume for about 2 years, basically since I got my last job, and I feel like I should probably have a more current version.  I could also stand to update my LinkedIn.
drinking stevia lemonade: A squeeze of lemon and a drop or two of stevia is my new favorite way to spice up water.  It makes drinking the dozen however many gallons they recommend drinking daily much, much easier.  
staring at the chambray baseball cap in my cart: I'm kind of a huge fan of baseball caps.  And an even bigger fan of chambray.  And not doing my hair.  So basically, I probably need this cap in my life, but I haven't pulled the trigger.  I've got this pretty bauble sitting in my cart too... among other things... so maybe the fact that my cart always ends up being $100 is the root of my apprehension.
excited that E passed the indiana bar: YEAH!  He got the results yesterday, so he's officially passed the Illinois and Indiana bar. (He's kind of a stud.) Now we just need to decide which city & state we want to live in and find jobs and living arrangements, ideally by July.  No big deal.  (My vote is Chicago *fingers crossed!*)
in need of new glasses: I wear contacts regularly, but some days they're just not happening.  So, those days I wear my glasses from the 7th grade.  They're not awful (actually) however I can't really see all that well in them.  I have a more recent pair, but they fall off my face, and that's no good.  I'm thinking I want to try Warby Parkers, because they're cheap, cute, and their at-home try one program is genius, but I've ordered glasses online before with no success so it makes me a little apprehensive.  Anyone have success stories?
Happy Wednesday! & thanks for reading :)

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