friday wrap-up

I had an outfit post planned for today, but for some reason I just wasn't feeling it so I've opted to share some snippets from this week as well as a few of my favorite new things, and items on heavy rotation.  Happy Friday!
sweater: j.crew (on mega sale) | everything else is last season
lips: nude eyeliner outside the lip, blended with a makeup sponge & filled with this red gloss
this shirt is kind of my default when I don't know what goes with something.  Plus it's only $12.
because cute.
jeans: j.crew factory | wedges: corso como | jacket: oldnavy | tee: j.crew 
And here's a couple pretty new things I got this week, and some thing that I've been loving lately:

Now, I suppose it's time to wrap this post up, because this is currently happening:


  1. Oh that Sherlock!!!! How I do love that little dude!! Too cute!! And love the amour/amor tee with the camo!!

    1. He's pretty adorable ;) And thank you!

  2. I got the Vigoss jeans too!! But I have to run to Nordstrom this weekend and see if they have a smaller size - those suckers STRETCH so much!!!

    1. You're so right!! I discovered that after wearing them for like two hours :( My nearest Nordstrom is about 1.5 hours away, and they're out of the next size down online, so I guess I'll just dry them a lot and suck it up because they're so darn cute! Can't wait to see how you style them!


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