cobalt + silver

dress: h&m old (similar 1 only $9! , 2 also on sale, 3 on sale too!) | flats: sam edelman (and a few more sizes here) {seen here too} | pave bangle: nordstrom | bag: coach {also seen here} | necklace: banana republic (on sale!) {also seen here}

Some days when I'm importing and editing photos for the blog, I'm pleasantly surprised by a few extra good ones; you know, something worthy of replacing the picture in my right column...  Other days, I can't believe I managed to take 25 photos with some ridiculous look on my face in nearly every.single.one.  It's almost impressive really.  That single photo with a relatively normal smile above, and the fact that I can crop my head out are the only reasons you're seeing this outfit.  Well maybe not quite the 'only' reasons... I also really like this color, and I'm still obsessed with these shoes, and my hair AND makeup were totally done. (Ever wonder why bloggers like sunglasses?  ...or at least this blogger... I can't vouch for the rest...) 

Unrelated, I think I'm going to start doing shopping budget break downs, and share what I add to my closet every month.  Is this something you all like to see?  I'm nosy, so I like when other bloggers do that.  More than anything I think it will make me a little more accountable, and shame me out of pulling another May in terms of how many shoes I purchased...  While I haven't caved and bought shoes this month, I've still done a little too much shopping early on.  Curse you J.Crew sales.


  1. Cute dress. Love the silver with it!


  2. It looks like you are about to fire the CEO in that second picture. And I mean that in a good way.

  3. I love reading budget posts! I link up with Franish and share mine every month. It has really helped me curb my spending. :)

    xo Kimi


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