hello sailor

Guys, I've decided I need to find a yacht club to attend, so I can wear this sweater and actually run into a sailor or two.  {...are captains of yachts considered sailors? I am not from the East Coast, nor can I deem myself authentically preppy, so please chime in if you have this knowledge...}  Unfortunately, I live in Bloomington, Indiana, where I don't think there's even a body of water large enough to accommodate a yacht.  So, looks like we need to go on vacation.  I'm sure this reason is valid enough to convince the mister... I may need a backup just in case though.
sweater: chloe's of captiva c/o
bracelet: style this life 
purse: cole haan (similar i & ii) {also seen here}
sunnies: forever21 


  1. This combo looks so fresh, love the sweater and a yacht club would be fun 😉

  2. I am in love with those shoes! The subtle pop of pink is so fabulous! xoxo Danielle @ www.fortheloveofleopard.com


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