what i'm wednesday

excited about new blog design:  Yeah!!!  I've been wanting to re-do my blog design for quite some time, and while the last revision was "good enough", I still wasn't satisfied with it.  My closet may not be completely packed, but I still feel pretty accomplished :)
eyeing scalloped sweater:  I've had this on my wishlist for awhile, and it's now 65% off retail price AND free shipping today.  So tempting...  Confession, I wouldn't buy the pink but it matches my new blog theme better.
listening to ben kweller:  Think quirky piano pop, like Ben Folds meets The Shins.  I'm a fan.
obsessed with my reversible tote:  I've already raved about it here, but this bag is rapidly becoming my everyday errands bag.  It holds so much, without the blackhole effect so many larger purses have.  Plus it matches black or brown with just a quick switch.
working on graphic design business: I love graphic and web design, and the more I look for jobs, the more I want to work for myself.  Trying to start my own thing is intimidating, but the idea really excites me.  I've got a company website started and I'm getting my portfolio together, I'll share as soon as it's ready.  In the mean time, anyone looking for a new Blogger design, social icons, or header?  Shoot me an email :)
busy with packing:  Our lease ends in just a couple of days and we need to finish up packing and painting our apartment back white.  So my sad instagram won't have any new OOTDs, because I'm basically rocking pjs all day er'day.  
Happy hump day!
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