August Budget

I didn't plan on having an August budget.  I shouldn't be shopping much, as unfortunately job hunting doesn't pay well (or at all...).  Then I ended up visiting my sister unexpectedly for a week, and shopping is one of our favorite mutual interests... so I shopped a bit.  I also scooped up a couple target clearance finds, because those happen when I need deodorant and somehow end up in the fitting rooms.  Blast.  

Draped tan stripe cardigan: $29 + 25% off with Cartwheel app (seen here)
Olive gingham button up: $22 + 25% off with Cartwheel app
Target striped t-shirt dress: (no longer available online) $13 x 2 = $26 (seen here)
Destructed denim jacket: $30 + 15% student ID discount (seen here)
Loft Outlet utility jacket: $89 + 33% off (in-store only)
Destructed skinny jeans: $42 + 35% discount + $20 Old Navy rewards (seen here)
Floral printed joggers: $15 (seen here)
Total: $174
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  1. Target always sucks ya in! I'm with you on the job hunt. I know I shouldn't shop but when there's a good sale I can't help myself.

    1. Right?! We should know better than even stepping foot in Target ;) Good luck on the job hunt & thanks for reading! xoxo jenna

      PS- make sure and stop by on Thursdays to link up!


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