chilly summer nights

So, funny story... If you look closely at my ankle region in a couple pictures, you'll notice a few scratches...  Last weekend, I managed to get locked outside on the deck while feeding pup in the morning.  Doesn't sound too bad, right?  Well, nobody else was home, and it was a very tall second story deck.  I considered tossing all the patio furniture cushions over the edge and jumping, but that seemed like a terrible idea (I have a bad history of jumping off things... I just shouldn't.)  I also could have called someone, given them the garage code, and had them come inside and open the deck door for me.  However, I was in my pjs, yesterday's makeup (much worse than no makeup), and more interested in brushing my teeth than explaining how I got locked out on a deck in the first place to anyone.  Therefore, that idea was crossed off the list of possibilities.  So, the obvious solution was to climb down the support beam of the two story deck.  Somehow.  Getting myself over the railing and dangling from the deck was the easy part, then I had to shimmy over to a support beam, wrap my arms and legs around it, and inch my way down.  I almost wish I could've witnessed myself do this, because it was certainly less than graceful.  After a couple feet (that were really probably inches) of painstaking, careful climbing down the narrow support beam, I lost grip and fireman-style slid down the beam.  I would not advise this approach.  Thank goodness I had sweatpants on, so I only sustained bruises and scratches, as opposed to slivers galore.  
Here's to hoping that this weekend is a little less eventful ;)
Also, I keep going back and forth on how to provide outfit details...  Option #1 or #2?  And do you prefer immediately under the photos, or at the end like so?  Thanks!  Have a great weekend!
sweater: target (solid colors)
shorts: thrifted a&f jeans DIY'd
bag: nordstrom (in navy/stripe) {also seen here}
sandals: birkenstock  (low price alternative{also seen here}
sweater: target (solid colors) |  shorts: DIY  |  bag: nordstrom (in navy/stripe) {also seen here} |  sandals: birkenstock (low price alternative) {also seen here}
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  1. Great bag, and great neutral look. I need to get out my boyfriend denim shorts. Your puppy is too cute :-)!
    from the link up
    please stop by, jess

  2. This is such a cute a causal look! Your puppy is so cute!!
    Oby Grace

  3. I love this casual outfit.. that bag is perfect! and I am dying over your dog!!!

    xo Lindsay

    1. Thank you! I think he's the best part of most outfit posts ;)

  4. Ahh your shorts are so perfect!! Love this look!


    1. Thank you! Making them is surprisingly therapeutic, as soon as I find a thrifted pair worthy of destruction I'll be posting a tutorial :) Thanks for reading! jenna

  5. I really love your outfit but I think I love your story even more! That is totally something I would do. I think I have super-human powers sometimes!

    Jyoti @ whatjocraves.com


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