Beauty Picks: Curly Hair Products

My hair is naturally very curly, coarse, thick, and frizzy.  It's a pretty dynamite combination if I might say so myself.  Don't get me wrong, I complain in jest, but I wouldn't trade my hair if I could.  With a little effort and a lot of product, I can coax my hair to do just about anything (assuming it doesn't rain...).  Usually on the blog, I have it blown out and flat ironed, however my natural curls occasionally make an appearance.  

Figuring out the right mix of products to enable me to embrace my curls has taken awhile, but I've finally nailed down a simple routine that keeps my curls conditioned and manageable.  One of my biggest concerns when rocking my curls is that my hair not be crunchy.  I also don't like to use so much heavy product that I feel like I have to wash it each day.

1.  Pureology Hydrate Shampoo ($$$)  //  So Pureology basically makes the most expensive shampoo I've ever come across, but holy cow it's amazing.  I buy it by the galloon (seriously) and that lasts me about a year, because I only shampoo my hair a couple times a week, and it doesn't take much at all.  I didn't realize how amazing this shampoo was until I once picked up some drugstore shampoo when I was traveling and my hair literally turned into straw after using it twice.  Upon returning home and being reunited with my Pureology, my hair bounced right back.  It's really gentle on hair color and is super moisturizing.

2.  Pureology Hydrate Conditioner ($$$)  //  Also expensive, and also magical.  The scent is incredible, and it borderline tingles, in the best way possible.  And everything else I said about the shampoo applies to the conditioner.  

3.  It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin ($$)  //  I got this as a free sample from Ulta when it first came out, and have gone through multiple bottles since.  While I don't need a detangler after the Pureology conditioner, my hair has gotten a little more prone to tangles as it's getting longer.  After a shower, I just run my fingers through my hair to get the tangles out, and a few spritzes of this spray makes that completely effortless.  (I find when I use a hairbrush, some of my curls don't ever quite bounce back.)

4. MoroccanOil Treatment ($$$)  //  I use this product whether I'm going to blow out my hair, or let my curls air dry.  It fights frizz incredibly and adds shine.  It can get a little heavy if you have fine hair, but my coarse hair withstands it quite well (they do make a light version).  I often distribute a pump on second day curls to alleviate frizz and help flat curls bounce back as well.

5. Sebastian Whipped Cream ($$)  //  If I had to pick one hair product to use exclusively, Sebastian Whipped Cream would be it.  It provides moisture and hold, without getting crunchy.  The scent is pleasantly light, and a bottle lasts a surprisingly long time.  I use it on damp hair before letting my curls air dry or blowing it straight.

A couple other products that I love and occasionally use for curls are Aquage Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel, and Aquage Curl Defining Cream.

Have any favorite products or techniques for curly hair?  


  1. It's funny how everyone's curly hair can be so different. It took me a very long time to figure out what products work for mine, but now I'm good! I just hope they never decide to discontinue any of the products I use regularly! I'm really interested in trying Pureology shampoo and conditioner now!

  2. Your hair is beautiful! I have really straight hair, and I'm always a bit jealous of people who have hair like yours. It just looks so much more glamorous and fun! You do a great job of styling it too.


  3. One of my goals for the year is to embrace my naturally curly/wavy hair so maybe I'll try out a few of the products you use to try to coax my hair into being as gorgeous as yours!

    xoxo, SS



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