Life Lately

I'm now obsessed with sweet potatoes with goat cheese  //  My love for these shoes has been reinvigorated  //  Pale pink French tip manis
Woven Pear socks have the cutest packaging  //  My best buddy  //  Gochujang fried rice
Giving Panda Express's sweet fire chicken a run for it's money  //  More brunch  //  Broiled bananas with nutella drizzle 
More breakfast  //  The sweetest little & necklace  //  New kicks

Apparently I've been taking a lot of food photos... or just eating a lot of food...


  1. All this food looks amazing! So colorful, which just makes me feel happy AND healthy :)

  2. Oh share you're recipes! Yum! I missed you on Thursday! I grabbed your mom after to see where you went:(


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