Overalls: H&M  //  Sweatshirt: Old Navy (similar)  //  Booties: TOMS (on sale)  //  Tote: Nordstrom  //  Scarf: H&M (similar)

Initially, I was morally opposed to the resurgence of overalls.  Then I saw Blair from Atlantic Pacific rock them multiple ways, and was persuaded to reconsider my view.  Once I determined I'd give the trend a try, I was set on a dark wash, destruction-free pair.  Ideally, I wanted them to be slightly relaxed.  I've been eying this pair, but I wasn't about to spend $100 on an item I might ditch in a season.  So, I ended up with a super skinny pair in my ideal wash, for under $30.  I can live with that compromise.  

Now, why on Earth would I include them in my capsule?  Well, I'm sort've trying to teach myself a lesson.  I'm secretly hoping I'll barely wear them and deem them a terrible decision.  If such is the case, it will serve as a very good example of why I don't have to try all the trends or just buy everything I like (because I like a lot of things).  So far, I've actually quite enjoyed remixing them, but ask me again in a month ;)  

Outfit Details

Overalls: H&M (finally online!)
They run tiny.  Roughly 4-5 sizes small, so I'd reccomend trying them on in store if possible.
Sweatshirt: Old Navy (similar)
Booties: TOMS (on sale)
Tote: Nordstrom
Scarf: H&M (similar)

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  1. Well crap. You and Blair are making a great argument. I really love these on you and I think they are the perfect wash (and price) for you to try the trend. This is how I feel about my poncho right now. Will I still love it? Is it remixable?! Oh the mysteries of life!! Http://morepiecesofme.com

  2. Adore this look! Takes me back to the glory days of overalls and pig tails. Ha.

    XO Chloe
    A Latte Lipstick

  3. Really cute! Love the scarf and overalls together perfect pairing :)

  4. This is such an awesome outfit and you look adorable! I have been playing around with the idea of getting some skinny overalls but just wasn't sure. Then I saw Blaire from AP's outfit, and I was like..."hmm...just maybe..." Then I see yours and I'm like "Yup...I think I may just do it!" Thanks for the H&M suggestion - I'll have to check it out!

    Jyoti @ whatjocraves.com


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