Friday Five

Panera introduced 4 new Broth Bowls; color me intrigued. While Panera isn't the first place that comes to mind when I hear "umami soy-miso broth", I'm still eager to sample them. Has anyone tried them?

Concert t-shirt may or may not have been a large staple of my high school wardrobe, and I've hung on to quite a few with the intention of making one of those t-shirt quilts.  However, these cute bags look like a lot less work.  I'm also always short on reuseable grocery bags, so I think I'll give this DIY a go.   
(Image via Pinterest, I couldn't track down the original source)

Dog bum hooks.  Need I say more?  Sadly they're from Ikea, which St. Louis is severly lacking, however I can order them from Amazon and pay nearly twice as much.  I think it may be worth it.

"Seven Strange Questions that Help You Find Your Life Purpose" proved a really great, quick read.  I plan to go through it agin and actually write down my answers, because right now I'm definitely having a bit of a professional-identity crisis. 

For your daily dose of cute.

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