Friday Five

1.  Collin Garrity is a local St. Louis woodworker who I stumbled upon on Instagram and have followed awhile now.  I love his minimalist aesthetic, and have utmost respect for his gorgeous work because woodworking is a very hard skill to refine; I have many a hideous hand carved items to prove it ;)  How gorgeous is that desk set though?! (I'm trying to come up with someone who would need one for Christmas!)  I also think I may be adding one of his rolling pins to my birthday list, or maybe I should be more practical and ask for the ring cones... since I bake so often... not.  

2.  7 For All Mankind, one of my favorite denim brands, is having a crazy fantastic sale, up to 40% off full price jeans and denim items!!!  Get 20% off one pair, 30% off two, or 40% off three.  Even with some of the pricier styles, it's just a little over $300 for three pair at that discount, which is a bargain for premium denim!  My personal favorite boyfriend fit, the Josefina, is by 7fam and I'm also a big fan of their ankle skinnies.  Right now I'm staring at these destructed black skinnies, these dark wash flare trousers, and these gray boyfriend jeans in my basket...

3. 26 Veggie burgers I actually want to eat... 

4.  I work in IT, which means a lot of my coworkers are dudes, like probably around 80% of them.  This year, I decided I wanted to learn how to play fantasy football.  I've quickly learned 1) it's time consuming, like really time consuming and 2) I'm apathetic about football.  (Definitely doesn't help that my city is likely going to sell their team, boo!)  I think in time I will start to care more, and I'm trying.  If fantasy football has ever made you curious but it just sounds too daunting, check out this guide.  Sarah does a great job breaking down how it works, and why it's worth it :)

5. Anne bought pita bread, sweet potatoes, kale, and chicken sausage, so I bought pita bread, sweet potatoes, kale, and chicken sausage.  Seriously though, after reading this post, I bought all these ingredients at the grocery, without consciously realizing her post inspired me.  I Love the quick and easy meal ideas, and being able to buy just a couple items outside my usual staples that really mix up the weekly menu.

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  1. All of that woodworking is beautiful! The rolling pins are even pretty, and how is that possible?! LOL

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista


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