My Everyday Beauty Basics

I'm always entertained learning about other bloggers' beauty routines, whether it be because they use 372829 products and I can't even fathom owning, let alone using that many, or because they recommend really great products I wouldn't have picked out on my own.  So because I like when other bloggers do it and since I just recently added a "Beauty Routine" widget to my blog (at the bottom) it seemed appropriate to share a few details of my own beauty basics.  

As of late, I feel like I've finally established quite a satisfactory 'everyday' beauty routine.  I suspect a contributing factor is that recently I've bit the bullet and splurged on a few beauty goodies, and I've also  gotten a little more comfortable wearing less makeup on a day-to-day basis.  Below I've shared my 'basics' and a few items I use to bump it up a notch. For example, I definitely don't wear liquid foundation or eyeliner daily, but for events, blog photos, and so forth, those things qualify as my 'basics'.  


One of my resolutions this year was to be nicer to my skin.  It's almost a month in, and I think I can say this effort is coming along.  I've rededicated myself to using my Clarisonic brush every night, and washing my face every morning.  While I haven't noticed and earth-shattering results, I've had multiple close friends and family members comment on my skin's appearance improving.  I've been using Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser for a few weeks now, and I love it.  After cleansing, I tone with Arcona Cranberry Toner (which I raved about here and still love), and follow up with a light moisturizer and Chanel eye gel.  I still haven't decided if I'm willing to drop that kind of money again when this bottle runs out though, I'll let you know when the time comes ;)  I also use Alba scrub in the shower a few times a week, and have been for years.


The level of effort I put forth in my makeup routine varies drastically day-to-day (a fact you're probably well aware of if you follow me on Snapchat ;) roberts_jenna).  Bare minimum, I apply a light dusting of Jane Iredale pressed mineral power.  I love that it's lightweight, has SPF, all natural, and still evens out my skin nicely.  I've been using this product for about 7 years now, and I am tremendously loyal.  If I'm looking for heavier coverage, I apply it with the powder pad that accompanies each refill.  For full coverage, my go-to foundation is Arbonne CC Cream applied with a Beauty Blender (there is no substitute for the real thing, trust me!).  I finish that with a dusting of mattifying powder, and also keep a compact in my purse, because I get shinyyy by the end of the day.  I'm also trying out Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Foundation right now, because I've heard incredible things, so maybe I'll be switching up my liquid foundation soon; we shall see!  
I also wear blush and highlighter on a regular basis.  I just started using Hourglass highlighter, and while it's a splurge, it's uh-mazing! I also use it as eyeshadow to highlight under my brows.  I haven't switched up my blush selection since high school, and I'm thinking it's time to up my game.  Currently I use Sonia Kashuk blush from Target, and while it does the job, I have a few grievances with it.  The color and feel is great, but I feel like it fades quickly.  Any recommendations on awesome powder blushes?

Eyes & Lips

For my eyes, I typically wear a coat of mascara, a light dusting of 'half baked', and line my tear ducts with a little white liner (and then smudge it so I don't look crazy...).  To amp it up, I smear the NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil, in 'French Fry' (totally didn't affect my buying decision lol!) in the crease and blend it in, and line my top lids with a brush tip liner.  I also fill my brows in lightly with an angled brush and an ancient brown eye shadow.  I could stand to improve my brow procedure...
My lip routine varies tremendously also, but my everyday look consists of filling in my whole lip with 'soar' and layering on Sugar tinted lip balm in 'petal'.  I just picked up this lip balm in Chicago, and I finally understand why everyone loves it.  I cringed dropping that kind of money on what seemed like glorified chapstick, but it feels and looks amazing.  I will be buying other colors.


I also SWEAR by the Beauty Blender Sponge Cleanser.  I use it for my Beauty Blender each time I use it, and for my brushes every couple weeks and it is magical.  

I also can't emphasize how important good brushes are.  Unfortunately, my set is old, like I've had them since 7th grade.  My mom very generously got my a really nice set, and regular cleaning has kept them in good condition for many years.  Therefore, I can't recommend any first hand, but I can very much encourage you to splurge, because they can last a longgg time, and make such a huge difference in applying and blending makeup.


  1. Your hair is gorgeous!! New brushes are always refreshing to have. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  2. Great picks! I'm so in love with my Clarisonic.



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