Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Alright you guys, I was a little torn about writing this post, because while I do enjoy the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, good grief is there SO much hype.  It just opened to non-card holders and I am so over collages on Instagram telling me what to buy.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good collage, but I want to know why I should buy something, the copy-and-paste stock photo is something I can find directly on Nordstrom's website... so uh I'll look there thanks.  

Just to backtrack quick, in case you are not familiar with Nordstrom's Anniversary Event.  Each year, they release brand new Fall merchandise, and mark it down.  After a couple weeks, the prices go back up.  So essentially, you're getting brand new Fall clothes on sale.  That being said, they are Fall, so it feels mighty early to be getting excited about over-the-knee boots and cashmere sweaters...

Last year, I wrote a detailed post about what deals are actually deals.  Having worked at Nordstrom through many Anniversary sales, I've narrowed down a handful of categories that are definitely worth buying, and some that your wallet would be better off if you waited.  I'm not going to dive into all of it within this post, but I will explain why I love all the pieces I've highlighted below.

One 'category' I always recommend during the #Nsale is 'wear-now' items.  Sandals, short sleeves, etc are always safe buys.  I was also excited to see some really gorg Kendra Scott pieces on sale this year, a brand which doesn't get marked down very often.  The AG denim is just such a great staple, and their fit is so, so flattering.

Items that return season after season are also worth investing in.  These BP Moto Leggings were stocked last year, and getting them early now at a discount is the best!  They are super versatile and comfy, and come in three colors.  I also just really loved this FP tunic... it could be worn now with shorts, and definitely into Fall and Winter.  It also comes in two more colors.

This jacket you guys.  I adore emerald green, and while this is definitely a Wintery item, it's also a sell-out risk, so those I lean towards picking up early.  (My rule of thumb: if it's a wintery basic by one of Nordstrom's private labels- think cashmere sweaters, long sleeve thick knits, etc... wait.  It will more than likely get marked down at a deeper discount before the climate calls for such.)  These jeans, ringing in at under $60, are also a great buy because they're a superb basic and thus just don't get marked down often.  I love this brand too- they're super stretchy but maintain their shape well.

Including these booties was a little bit of a conflict for me- they are a 'Nordstrom exclusive'.  While that can mean literally that- Nordstrom is the only place that carries them despite being a non-Nordstrom brand- I have also found with some items that the quality just isn't as good.  The 'Nordstrom exclusive' items were made especially for the Anniversary sale, and sometimes feel like outlet quality.  That being said, I do have a pair of Vince Camuto flats that were stocked for Anniversary last year, but I picked up on Black Friday (for a way deeper discount might I add...).  They're really well made shoes, and counteract my outlet quality apprehensions... So basically, having not tried these booties on, I can't vouch for the quality, but I love the style, had success with the same brand 'exclusives' last year, and you could start wearing them pretty early.

Every item in this look is under $60- most way under!  These jeans are a really similar wash to the jeans that every blogger in the entire world wears and loves, but I actually like it a little more (shh!).  This shirt is an awesome staple and on it's way to me now.  How cute are these Vans?  I love the metallic. 

Finally you guys, I can't share anything about the Anniversary Sale without RAVING about the best leggings ever.  Zella live-in leggings are truly the best.  They aren't see through, don't pill, wash well, don't ride up or down, are super comfortable and flattering, AND are fully reversible.  The black Zella leggings ONLY go on sale during this event, so now is the time to stock up!  I find they run true to size.  I also had to toss in these Nikes, because how fun are they?!  There are sort've two 'kinds' of Nikes... the ones you get at Kohls, DSW, etc, which are always marked down (no shade on this kind, I've got a few!), but then there's the Nordstrom, Net-a-Porter, Nike.com Nikes which don't get marked down often and sizes are usually gone by the time they do. 

A few more items that are definitely worthwhile things to pick up this sale: 
  • Nadri jewelry- they make my absolute fav bangles- and if a rhinestone ever falls out, you can take it into Nordstrom and they'll ship it out for repair.  It's seriously the best (that being said, I have 7 of their bangles and only one stone has ever fallen out, I'm impressed).
  • Patagonia- their half a full zip jackets have snuck up on North Face and are definitely a preppy 'staple' this Fall and Winter.  They don't get marked down often, so now is a great time to scoop one up at a discount.  
  • Natori bras and Hanky Panky panties- such worthwhile investments that aren't marked down often.  
  • Stan Smith sneakers on sale, what?  These are definitely the sneaker of the moment, and finding your size, let along marked down is a miracle.  
  • These high-top Ugg sneakers- I got a really similar pair last season and had so many questions on them, but they sold out super fast!  Definitely an item to get early.
What have you guys picked up at the sale?  Anything you're unsure about pulling the trigger on?  If you've got any questions, leave them below or on Instagram :)

Ps- Beauty buys will be a separate post because there are SO many good ones this year.  So dangerous.

Happy shopping!



  1. SUCH a great post! Thanks for sharing WHY you like each item - not just showing us the item!
    Lee | LegalLee Blonde

  2. Love all your picks! I almost ordered those stinking vans...and then didn't..and now i'm sad. I should have a ton delivered today and can't wait. I think I've forgotten what all I ordered already!!

    Shelly||The Queen in Between


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