What I'm Wednesday (I know it's Thursday)

You guys.  I know it's not Wednesday.  But truly, I am concerned whether there is some external factor stopping me from writing this post.

I started writing it last week.  And then I lost power.  For FOUR days.


This week, I resumed.  Except I had to polish a few things in the post Tuesday night and lost power.  AGAIN.

Really.    REALLY!?

Power has returned, and all is right with the world, but if this isn't a sign we need to move, I dunno what is.  Thankfully, our lease ends in October and we are 100% moving.

Anyway.  On to What I'm Wednesday... from last week... on Thursday. 

Watching Limitless: Every time I think we've run out of Netflix shows to watch, a new one pops up and we get totally into it.  The latest is Limitless.  It's a spin-off of the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper, but has a new protagonist.  It's essentially an FBI dramady, and I love that it doesn't take itself too seriously.  The plot has some really interesting twists, and the characters are super likable.  Overall, I'm definitely a fan.

Eyeing this under $40 peplum top:  I have a thing for peplums, and a bigger thing for the color olive, so this top is a win-win.  It also comes in black or white.  

Eating crock pot salsa verde chicken:  This is one of my absolute laziest, most delicious recipes.  Just pop frozen or fresh chicken breasts, a can of salsa, and salt and pepper into a crock pot.  Depending how your crockpot behaves without a lot of liquid, you can also add some chicken stock or water to ensure nothing on the bottom burns.  Once the crockpot is done doing its magic, shred the chicken, add some fresh lime juice and cilantro, and ta-da!  It's super yummy in tacos, over a sweet potato, with eggs, or in a rice/quinoa bowl.  Basically it can be used a gazillion ways.  I always make extra because it's such a versatile left over.

Over the Anniversary Sale: I know, I know.  There are aspects of the sale that excite me, but it is just such a hyped sale, and to me the product mix is good, but not spectacular.   On top of that, bloggers that literally never shop at Nordstrom are like OMG ANNIVERSARY.  Hint- bloggers can make a lot of money during the Anniversary sale.  Another hint- I don't make a lot of money during the Anniversary Sale.  I do have a recap post coming tomorrow, but if you caught my post last year that gives you a feel for why I'm not as crazed by the event.

Awaiting officially meeting my new nephew:  I have one sibling, a sister, and she had her first child just a couple weeks ago.  I get to go next week and finally see the family and I cannot wait!  He is so precious, and while no lie, babies generally intimidate me mucho, I'm hoping a family baby will help ease my baby anxiety. 


  1. Sort of over this Anniversary Sale business myself... but not over salsa verde chicken in the crockpot! I made this recently and was amazed how good it tasted for how little effort was required. It's in the regular rotation now :)

  2. Oh noooo lol it sounds like you had the most ridiculous time with this post! Stupid power! However - your positive attitude totally shows through this post and I am SO glad you finally got the post up cause it's a great one!

    Im over the NSale too - toooo many collages! I do plan on doing a post on it later this week, but only to showcase the work wear items that I don't think anyone is focusing on yet, so hopefully that will be a slightly different post for people!
    Lee | LegalLee Blonde


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