What I'm Wednesday

Having a moment with rice cakes | If you follow me on snapchat, I feel like the theme of this last week was 'what can you put on a rice cake?'.  I have been eating them non-stop, topping them with almond butter, nutella + bananas, avocado mash, hummus, deli meat + cheese, and more.  They're just so easy, and the perfect salty-crunchy, low-calorie transportation mechanism for deliciousness. 
Reading Move Your Bus | Or more accurately- listening.  I signed up for a free month of Audible to see if audio books will make long runs feel less... long.  So far so good, plus it feels doubly productive when I'm getting in my cardio + learning stuff.  This book presents an interesting metaphor describing different types of people in the workplace (runners, joggers, walkers, riders, drivers) and what motivates them.  I'm about halfway through and so far I've learned a lot and enjoyed it.  
Wearing Amuse Bouche in 'Sweet Cream' |  This is the perfect melon meets mauve color for Summer.  It's just a touch brighter than my natural color, and the formula is so creamy.  It also smells superb.  I have about a half dozen tubes by Bite, and it's hands down my favorite.  
A little obsessed with white leather sneakers |  I've been looking for a super simple white sneaker for months.  I ordered some Stan Smiths awhile back, but they just felt a little bulky, and I returned them.  These on the other hand, have a nice sleek profile, and are insanely comfortable!  I wore them for a walk around the park yesterday, and my feet were very happy.  Plus they'll match with everything.
Looking forward to Summer concerts | Summer is always the time for concerts, and I've already got a few exciting ones lined up!  My mom and I are going to Chicago to see Queen + Adam Lambert, and later this summer in St. Louis, I'm joining a group of friends to see Jimmy Eat World + Incubus.  Now I just need to find someone who wants to take a day off and go to Warped Tour for old time's sake 😂
Excited about my new paring knife | Man, I know I'm getting old when new kitchen gadgets make me happy.  My last paring knife developed a rust spot, and after I pitched it, I never replaced it.  I mentioned needing one while prepping dinner the other day, and husband took it upon himself to research and acquire a new one.  He did good.  Now I want to replace all my knives with Wusthof ones, except that will be a small investment, so maybe I'll do it gradually.


  1. I'm a sucker for a good sneaker - those are great! Love the lip color too.

  2. I bought my first Wusthof knife a while back. The Nakiri knife (I think that's it) I LOVE it!!! It's pretty much the only one I use now.


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