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My glamorous desk at work


I've been at my new job about 6 months now (when does it stop being new?).  I'm enjoying the change of pace and subject matter.  I've loved honing my SQL skills and dabbling in Python and R.  I also (rather surprisingly) don't mind the more professional attire requirements.  I think I'm the youngest on my team, so dressing like a grown-up helps me feel a little more confident (if that makes any sense?)  Overall it's been a really great change, although I do still really miss my old coworkers.  I made some very dear friends there, and while we stay in touch, grabbing coffee or lunch occasionally just isn't the same as seeing someone daily.

HelloFresh pork tenderloin with fig-balsamic sauce, rosemary roasted potatoes, and green beans


I've been pretty swamped with work lately, so cooking and eating healthy had definitely taken the back burner.  Earlier this month, I traveled for work a few days, and I signed up for HelloFresh to arrive the day I got back.  It was overall really great (any interest in an unbiased/not sponsored review?), and with the discount code I received, it was totally worth it!  I don't think I could justify full-price, but with work travel and a coupon code I would definitely do it again.  If you'd like to try it, you can use code 'JENNROBE64' for $40 off your first order (and you can skip or cancel anytime) making 3 meals for 2 people just $20.  Once my 3 meals were up, I had gotten back into the swing of cooking which was also a plus.


I just signed up for the same half marathon I've run a couple times, so I have just over 7 months to train.  I've missed running this Winter, although climbing has kept me pretty active.  Early last week I took a bit of a tumble climbing and sprained a rib, so as soon as that heals up, half marathon training will commence!  I'm excited to break in my new shoes as well.  I ordered a variety of options and settled on the Nike Air Pegasus 33 (the newer 34s have quite a few complaints online) and ON Cloudflyer.  Last year I wore and liked the Nike Free RNs as well, but I opted for a little more support.


I've been kind of boring with my beauty routine lately, but it's nice to have finally found a "favorite" of each of my everyday products.  (Would you guys want to see a post about those?)  I did try a sample of Drunk Elephant's B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel and loved it- but since dryness isn't an issue I face, I'm struggling to pull the trigger on a $52 moisturizer.  I also sampled Tarte's eye brightening cream, which is on my shortlist to buy now as well.  

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