The Last Hurrah

You guys, this is it.  It feels like the end of an era.

143 linkups later, Caryl and I are calling it.

Not on blogging, just the linkup.  We both agreed that the pressure to post every Monday took some of the fun out of blogging, and balancing work, travel, additional activities, and blogging is a lot.  Sometimes too much.

I'll certainly still be blogging, and hope you'll still pop by, it just may not be on Mondays.

Striped tee [exact]  //  Pleated skirt [exact on sale]  //  Leather bucket bag [exact]  //  Madewell bandana [exact]  //  Leather sandals [exact]

Anyhow, on to the outfit.  This look has a few of my favorite new pieces- this scarf, tee, and sandals.  

The tee was a total impulse purchase.  I saw it in black and white on Natalie Borton's instagram, and immediately scooped it up.  It's oversized, the fabric is dreamy, and I love a good striped tee.  This one is a little pricey, but the quality is spot-on, even the stripes are all perfectly aligned at the seams.  

I got the sandals this last week and have worn them three times.  They're kind of like adult flip flops.  They're effortless,  but add a chic touch to basically any outfit.  Also SO comfortable.

You've also seen this skirt a few times, and it's on sale!  I mayyy have scooped up the navy version because I love it so much.  It's so tremendously versatile; I've reached for it at least once a week since getting the black one.  

Outfit Details

Striped tee [exact]
Pleated skirt [exact on sale]
Leather bucket bag [exact]
Madewell bandana [exact]
Leather sandals [exact]

And since it's Monday that means Linkup Day! (yes, totally a proper noun)
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  1. Your neck scarf is a cute accessory and that looks like such a comfy tee.

    Thank you for the link up, sad to see it go but I know what you mean - sometimes life is too busy to blog!

    Hope that you had a wonderful weekend :) We had a birthday party for my eldest so it was a bit busy, but lots of fun.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Sorry to be losing your linky - but it's completely understandable! Thanks for all your hosting xx

  3. That is crazy it's the last. However I completely understand. It can be a lot to blog and work. I know I'm supposed to follow a blogging schedule, but I can find it hard sometimes. Thanks for hosting it over the years!


  4. I love your pleated skirt! I'm after one myself so this is great inspo!

    You've done a fabulous job with the link up every week! I totally get why you're letting it go, but a big thank you for organising and hosting it every Monday!

    Eileen | 5feetofstyle.com

  5. Well, thanks for hosting so long! I've always enjoyed this one.

    Love the pleats + stripes too.

  6. will miss the linkup but glad you guys are still blogging


  7. Oh that's a shame, but I will be sure to stop by anyway. Good luck and enjoy the time you will have. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  8. So cute! I love the pink and green together!

    xx Leah / www.leahbehr.com

  9. Wishing you both so much luck and happiness wherever your blogging journey takes you from here! Link ups are a lot of work so I totally get it! Thanks for hosting for such a long time! Great outfit by the way!


  10. Thanks for hosting & best wishes!

  11. Crazy that this is the last! 5 years ago, when I first started blogging I discovered your link up so this makes me feel so nostalgic.


  12. Sorry to see the link up go! Thanks for hosting :-)

    Emma xxx


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