Oh Hay

Well hello strangers.

For some reason this feels awkward, like this isn't my blog anymore.  Like I need some grandiose reason to return and a big declaration.  
My New Year's Eve outfit that never graced the interweb | Perju Blouse c/o

But really, I decided I wanted a break, and then the break was kind of nice and I didn't think I missed blogging.  Frankly, blogging is a lot of work.  And blogging used to be a lot of work that was pretty financially profitable.  Then Instagram changed and my engagement plummeted and affiliate income nosedived, and while money was never why I started a blog, it was hard not to get discouraged.  Just being honest.   Blogging also served as an excuse to shop a lot.  Too much.  I consciously shopped considerably less in 2018, but even so, the first half of 2018 while I was blogging, I bought a lot more than the second half. 

Then the other night while getting together with girlfriends I hadn't see for awhile, nearly every single one asked about my blog.  "Why haven't you posted?! I miss seeing your outfits!"  Compounded with a few other blog-related conversations I didn't start, I realized there actually were aspects of blogging I missed.

Like you guys.  I have real life friends, don't get me wrong, but frankly I don't see them very often and many of them could care less about trying all the tinted moisturizers, my new favorite workout leggings, or the woes of switching to natural deodorant (and let me tell you...).  

I also miss the journaling aspect- sharing anecdotes about travel, work, and hobbies.  Selfishly, it's fun to look back at meals eaten, attractions visited, and highlights of travel.  And if one person gets a good restaurant recommendation out of it, all the better!  

There's also something very gratifying about something that I truly own.  I have a job where I create a LOT of collateral (I joke I have a job because of my PowerPoint skills, and we all know there's truth in every joke...) but so much of what I do in my 9-5 (or like 8-6, who are we kidding...) is heavily influenced by corporate expectations and frankly whatever my boss wants.  Here, I get to do what I want, when I want, or do nothing at all.

So all that is a long way oh saying "Oh hay, I'm back" and I missed you guys.  But trust that I'm back for the community, the sharing, and the fun parts (because my full time job is what I do to make the monies and I've decided caring about money ruins blogging for me).  So stay tuned for more content, because I have a list of 32 posts I want to write, and at last year's pace that's enough content to last through September.

Happy Belated New Year, friends.  It's good to be back.


  1. You know I can relate to all of this! And even though I’ve seen you a few times in person, it is still nice to see you back in the internet too! And your outfit is adorable as always!!! That skirt is so good!
    Caryl | http://morepiecesofme.com

  2. I'm happy you are back and I can so related to this. IG ruined everything but I love all the wonderful people I've met through blogging



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