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Happy hump day!! This is an extra great Wednesday, not only does it mean two days from the weekend, but Valentine's day is so soon!  And based on the sheer number of Valentine's-related posts, it's evident I'm a fan of the holiday.  Just a wee bit.

{planning: trip to Chicago} My college best friend lives here, and this awful winter weather has kept us apart.  I'm over it though, time to brave the elements and get my booty over there because it's just been too long.  We seriously cry when we're reunited, some people think it's weird, but I just think we're awesome.  Added benefits, it's a real city with excellent shopping and a Trader Joes.  I refuse to put down roots anywhere without a Trader Joes.

{doing at work: testing mobile apps} I'm getting paid to try and break things and play on a phone.  When I look at it that way, testing mobile apps is fun.  Right now I'm working on testing our Android app though, which means I have to google how to do EVERYTHING.  How to turn on the phone, how to silence it, how to close an app, how to delete an app... Maybe it should be more intuitive, but I am absurdly loyal to apple, so this is the first I've ever touched an android phone, and hopefully the last.

{depending on: rose salve} Winter makes for crunchy lips, and the liberal amount of this I rub all over them is the only thing keeping them from falling off my face.  Plus is smells nice.

{excited for: valentine's day} I've penned at least 4-valentine's related posts this year, and I started mid-January.  Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays, I think just because it's an excuse to be totally gushy and cutesy; heart shaped ravioli, campy coupons, homemade chocolates, scavenger hunts, lots of pink... you get the idea.  Now I just need to finalize exactly what I'm doing for my own man.

{wishing I bought: snow boots} Seriously.  I've lived in the midwest my entire life and independent of playing in the snow, I've never had a reason to need snow boots.  Even my favorite Hunter boots with two pairs of wool socks haven't been enough to keep my feetsies warm this winter though.  It's ridiculous.  Back in January, I figured it was too late to buy them, since the worst should be over (right?!) and now one epic storm later, I'm kicking myself.  Is it not too late?  I don't want to pull the trigger in fear of causing another snow storm. 

{loving: rose gold mini mab} Isn't she beautiful?!  I'm not buying myself clothes/shoes/accessories in the month of February, but if I don't get this for Valentine's day (hint, hint) then it just may be my reward for surviving a month of no shopping.  That doesn't defeat not shopping for a month, right?   

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  1. I'm right there with you!! All the cute Sorel boots that I've found are sold out in my size. 2014 Fall to-do: Buy Sorel boots asap!! I used to fight with my mom bc she wanted me in these when I was younger. Now I'm bummed I can't find them! LOL

    1. Haha right?! I used to think snow boots were so dorky and now I'm having the exact same problem. Let's buy them in July, and then when it blizzards in September, we'll be prepared!


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