navy + emerald

blazer: the limited {also seen here} | tee: j.crew | pants: old navy (i'm wearing a tall size for reference) | shoes: corso como (limited sizes but a great deal) | bag: coach (similar) | earrings: j.crew | sunnies: f21

The other night at the gym, I was getting my treadmill on (while wearing my favorite NASA t-shirt).  If that's not nerdy enough, I was also watching the national spelling bee on ESPN.  Yup, the national spelling bee is on ESPN.  And I watched it...  Unfortunately, those 12 year old genius children have far more spelling stamina than I have running, so I didn't make it to the end.  
The next morning, I was skimming through my facebook newsfeed and saw that the spelling bee had two winners this year, TWO.  A tie!  AND I MISSED IT.  A result like this hasn't happened for more than 50 yearstalk about an epic sporting outcome.  Despair probably shouldn't be the first thing that set in, but I was pretty bummed.    
In honor of such a momentous event, I'm wearing a shirt with words in another language, because I'm pretty sure both victors' words weren't English either... 

And in case you don't care about the spelling bee and have a greater interest in striped blazers, here are a few available now, since mine is from last season:


  1. Adorable!!! You know I love this blazer!! :) Have a great week!!!

  2. Love love love that blazer! And those sunnies are super cute on you! xo Danielle @ www.fortheloveofleopard.com

    1. Thanks Danielle! Nothing better than $4 sunnies you love :)


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