olive + leopard

necklace: purple peridot (similar) {also seen here} | cardigan: target | shirt: j.crew {also seen here| clutch: old navy {also seen here} | skirt: h&m {also seen here}| shoes: via spiga 50% off! {also seen here}

This is what I wore to church over Memorial Day weekend, in the middle of nowhere.  We had to drive 45 minutes to get to a church!  As a city girl, that seems crazy.  Kind of like how my father drove, the whole windy way there.  Crazy.  Absolutely crazy.  And yes, I am using an adjective when I should be using an adverb, but that's just to illustrate the extremity of the situation.  Since misusing parts of speech to emphasize something makes grammatical sense.

After we were dating awhile, E finally had the opportunity to be a passenger while each of my parents were driving.  He 1) suddenly understood why I drive the way I do and 2) appreciated how un-insanely I drive compared to them.  It's all relative.

Thanks for reading :)  Happy almost weekend!


  1. Love this. And your hair. Especially your hair.

  2. Love the colors in this outfit!


  3. Fabulous look, Lady!! Yeah, those Chiros can be pretty insane!! :)


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