nasa + pearls

Yesterday Eli & I left the house for an hour and a half to run a couple errands, and left the pup out.  The pup usually has good manners and just sleeps.  However, the pup also gets antsy when we leave at atypical times.  Antsy can equal destructive, so I have made it a habit to ensure nothing tempting is on the ground.  Apparently 11:20am on a Monday (when I'm normally not home in the first place) is a very atypical time.  I got home to see that he tipped over a chair to reach BOTH pairs of my nude flats and destroyed one of each pair.  He still hasn't apologized, and I still haven't forgiven him.  We're not on speaking terms.  I get unusually attached to my shoes, and neither pair is sold anymore.  It may be a few days until we acknowledge one another.  Or until I find a replacement, but shopping while job hunting is not responsible.  Thanks for rubbing in the fact that I shouldn't shop, dog.  I can still look though, so look I shall.

nasa tee: target men's section (also love)
camo skinny pants: old navy {also seen here}
loafers: joan & david *85% off right now!* {also seen here}
PS- still a few more days to get 15% off your J Grant's General Store purchase with code JENNA15 !  Shop away :)
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  1. Love how your unique style shows on this amazing combination!! Every piece is literally favorites of mine- camo, chambray, graphic tee, etc!


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