1 year blogging: worst outfits recap

I've been blogging about 13 months now, so I thought it was a good time to reminisce a little, and laugh at some of the disasters I've posted here (and a few I haven't).  Let's face it, we all lack better judgement sometimes, and I for one wear things that are downright unflattering, tasteless, or just ugly.  I'll post my favorites later this week, but for now have a chuckle at a few highly public fashion misfortunes ;)
Let the countdown begin....
 10. layering the LBD
So, maybe this isn't the most offensive thing in the world, but the photos are pretty rough, and I will never be able to sell myself on layering a button down under a dress no matter how hard I try.
 9. camo collaboration
Why are my pants so wrinkly?  Why am I wearing everything at once?  Two kinds of stripes, camo, uber-sunnies, AND not just one, but two necklaces.  A few revisions could make this cute, but right now... yikes.
 8. This never even made the blog.
So.Much.Beige.  I also think the dark tights/shoes with the lighter skirt/top looks a little unbalanced, and I blend into the background.
7. hammer pants?
Maybe with heels this could work, but slouchy tee + slouchy pants is a little overwhelmingly slouchy.  It was however super comfy, and that dog.
 6. blue + yellow
Bad photos and bad pants.  'Nuff said.
5. emerald pleats
This outfit is comprised of a few of my absolute favorite pieces, but they just don't come together.  I love this skirt, but the midi length just cries for a high heel and shorter jacket.
 4. purple + coral
I had a piece of jewelry from a sponsor to style that was a little out of my wheelhouse, and it shows.  The colors are loud, and I'm pretty sure after these photos I added these pants AND the top to my adios pile.
3. citron + emerald
I think this was towards the end of Winter and apparently I was over dressing appropriately for the season.  This amount of black paired with the neons just looks weird.  The red lips clash.  The proportions are off.  I should be fired from blogging for wearing the flattest shoes in the world with a midi skirt.  And then adding a pop of color clutch, when the entire outfit is already a pop of color.  Okay, I'm being a little melodramatic about how awful it is, but this outfit came to mind right away when I decided to share my worst looks.  (sad story, this is also one of my most viewed outfit posts...)
 2. transitional tulle
Yucky.  These colors are drab, and the whole look is just kind of depressing.  Maybe I should just stop wearing dark tights with midi skirts because clearly it doesn't work often for me.
1. pop of pink
Hahahahaha, ha oh man.  This is the post that inspired this recap.  I cringe just looking at it because it's so try hard and terrible.  I was trying to be adventurous in a few choices, and it looks ridiculous.  Purple lips, hot pink clutch, and poorly deployed pattern-mixing.  Yikes.  I have considered taking this post down multiple times, but for some reason that feels disingenuous.  Hopefully it at least serves to brighten someone's day with a laugh ;)

Ever shared an outfit on your blog you later cringed at?  Did I miss one, or pick one that isn't as bad as I thought?  No hard feelings ;)  & Make sure and check back later this week for my best looks, because I promise I don't always look this silly.   
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  1. Thanks for sharing - glad you're so brave!

    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com
    Come by! Weekly Style Me Wednesday fashion blog link-up

  2. Love that you looked back and shared these! I actually like some :-) But I understand, looking back at old photos you can cringe at some!

  3. I actually like a lot of these! But I loved hearing what it was that you didn't like! It kind of inspires me to do a similar post. I know I had some uber bad ones! Seriously - my bad ones make yours look amazing!
    Carylee | morepiecesofme.com


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