montana recap

On Friday, my sister, her husband, and I made the 8 hour drive from Salt Lake to Missoula, Montana.  (Really her husband made the whole drive, I lounged in the back seat for 8 hours...)
We went up for my Grandpa's funeral, but squeezed in a full weekend of family too.  Saturday was dedicated to the funeral, which could not have been a better tribute to the wonderful life my Grandpa led.  My dad and his brothers made the casket, and it was incredible.  

Sunday, we hiked Bass Creek Trail, which was my Grandfather's favorite place to hike and fish near his house.  My pictures don't do it justice, it was absolutely gorgeous.  I got to keep one of my Grandpa's fishing rods, but I didn't have a reel with me; it's now on my bucket list to come back to Bass Creek and fish with his rod at least once.  
That afternoon we had funky sandwiches from a local shop that bakes their bread in cans, relaxed at the pool a bit, and then headed to my mom's parents' for dinner.  Her dad is a master gardener and cook.  Nothing beats fresh picked carrots and cucumbers from his garden.  (Although his smoked chicken legs and potatoes come quite close....) 


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  1. Beautiful Pictures! Sounds like a great way to honor your Grandfather.

    Stay strong.


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