dressed up boyfriend jeans

I feel like I'm cheating on my usual Wedneday posts, but life's just been a little crazy lately.  Once we were almost settled into St. Louis, last minute travel was required, and now I'm in Salt Lake for a week.  I'll be back to my usual posts next week :)  In the mean time, here's a casual date outfit I wore last week.  I'm not much of one for heels, so these metallic heeled loafers help elevate the casual boyfriend jeans.  Same goes for a slightly more structured top.  This was the perfect outfit for burger eating on the patio on a cool summer eve.  If you ever find yourself in the West County area of St. Louis, and are a burger lover, I'd highly recommend Clancy's Irish Pub.  I don't get particularly excited about burgers, but their burgers are incredible, and super cheap.  (Kind of like these incredible and now super cheap loafers, 80% off?  Yes please.)
top: sogine c/o {also seen here}
jeans: j.crew factory {also seen here}
shoes: joan & david - on crazy sale {also seen here}
necklace & bracelets: mindy mae's market 
(10% off with code sincerelyjennamarie)


  1. hi jenna! love love this top! <3

    thanks for linking up!

    rhea @ rheaetcetera.com

  2. love love love these loafers!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!

    thanks so much for linking up with Tremendous Tuesday again this week!

    Hugs! Amber

  3. Love that top!! Dressed up distressed jeans are my fave right now!


  4. Great look - love the jewelry!

    Liz @ ShoppingMyCloset.com
    Come by! Weekly Style Me Wednesday fashion blog link-up

  5. I really love everything about this look including the fact that the shirt is still available. Ha. I've been looking for a few weeks for one just like that! You really nailed this look and look gorgeous.

    Thanks for linking up this week!


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