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Okay, I shopped a lot this month.  E landed a job (in St. Louis, whoops) that required professional wear, so he needed a lot more dress pants and shirts, which meant mucho shopping.  We went on one big trip together, and then I picked up more colors and variations of the items he favored.  Of course I also picked him out additional things, because shopping for men's clothing is seriously my favorite thing ever- really- I love shopping for men more than women.  So, since I was at retail stores so frequently this month picking up new things, exchanging, and returning stuff, I accumulated a lot of little "add-on's" from places I don't frequent (or basically don't shop online).  I feel like I got a ton for my money though, and added a few bargain Fall staples to my currently limited Fall wardrobe. (Why did I store all my Fall clothes?!)  
That being said, I still spent more than I'd have liked to.  While I document my "budget" every month, I don't really have a concrete number I'm shooting to stay under.  Or I didn't.  Moving forward I'm going to do better on that front.  I'm going to set a $200/month budget (with leftovers rolling to the next month), and leave an additional $400/year for a splurge like a new handbag, nice pair of boots, or special occasion dress.   Below are the new items I collected this month:

Click below to shop:

Click below to shop:

Read on for details on each item and returns...


This is really sweatshirt material, so the title 'blazer' is quite a stretch.  I went with a 6 for space in the shoulders and sleeve length.  The sleeves are still a smidgen short, but I liked them best cuffed anyways.
How can you beat $15?!  For reference, I typically wear a 27, and wore a size 5 in these, but I could get the 3 on and zipped.
Trouvé Faux Leather Skirt {seen here}
I bought this on a whim without trying it on while grabbing a couple packs of socks for the husband.  Maybe I should try that approach more often, as I kind of look for every opportunity possible to wear it now.  It's not available online, but there were a lot in-store in the clearance section of my Nordstrom Rack.
I'm trying to up my earring game, because I have two pairs I consistently wear and they're both turning a little green on the back :(  I'm also less enamored with statement necklaces than I once was.  Shhh, I don't want to hurt their feelings!
It's borrowed from the boys, drapes perfectly, and adds a new color to my wardrobe.  Oh and it's on mega-sale now.  You might need one (or four).  I went with the small.
Boyfriend Varsity Sweatshirt {wearing as I type this...}
I was on the fence about this one.  It's kind of an unflattering length, but I love how comfy it is.  It narrowly made the cut, but will probably be reserved for loungewear and weekend bagel/doughnut runs.
Florals, scuba material, and black and white are a few of my favorite trends this season.  I also got rid of nearly all my leggings last winter, because they were cheap thin cotton so I need a few to fill the gaps.  They're from the juniors dept; I went with the medium, but had the large been in stock that would've probably been my first pick.
I've been looking for a dressy 't-shirt' of sorts for some time, and this fit the bill.  I love the barely pink color, and the stretch ponte sleeves and back.  I went with the small.
I had a go-to cream blouse from H&M for years, and post cross country days it got a little snug, and I finally got around to replacing it.  I went with the medium for space in the shoulders and elbows, it drapes beautifully, but also wrinkles terribly.
Really I just need a few sweaters for Fall (not in storage) and this was a good color and price.  I went with the small.  The sleeves are the dumbest length ever, but I just push them up.  It came in a bunch of other cute colors too.
This is one of those "I have to have it" items.  I was (again) shopping for the husband and somehow meandered to the ladies section when this caught my eye.  I went with the small, but the x-small worked as well
There's J.Crew (or Factory, I don't remember) burgundy plaid I was eyeing, and this is a more economical option.  It's quite long, but so soft and perfect for layering.  I opted for the medium so the arms weren't snug.
I tried these on in-store, and passed.  I was quite proud of myself, then kept thinking of them the following week.  I went back and of course they were gone (or I just couldn't find them because that store gives me anxiety) and immediately ordered them because they were perfect.  I went with the small, which is more like a small and a half.
For $5 it doesn't get much better.  It's super soft and drapey and washed up shockingly well, and I've already worn it.  Like 5 times.


Update-- I made the "awaiting" graphic a couple days before the end of the month, and a few things came earlier than expected, so I have a few verdicts (but for the sake of not re-doing the whole budget I'll add them to my October budget.)

The colors are gorgeous and it's nice and soft.
I have been hunting for a chambray dress for seasons, and I finally found one!  I went with the Small Tall, so it actually hits my knee like I wanted.
Plaid Shirt Dress {Still Awaiting}
Fingers crossed this works, I ordered it over a month ago and it was backordered, so the anticipation has built a very long time.
It felt really strange, definitely not soft and kind of plasticky.  It didn't drape very nice either.  Shucks.
Nike Running Shoes {Still Awaiting}
Cause my current ones hit their max mileage awhile ago, I'm skeptical of the price point (although the were originally $80ish) but I bring my running shoes by my chiropractor and get a yea/nay before I run  outside in them, so I figured they were worth a go.
The wash was a lot bluer and more solid in person, and the destruction was very 'fake' looking (if that makes any sense).  The fit was cute, and they were comfy, but ultimately a pass due to color.
The scale of the print combined with the boxier cut made them feel a little too masculine, and they weren't tremendously flattering.  The 'flannel' also wasn't very flannel-y, nor thick.
I ordered these on final sale, but they were HUGE compared to the size chart, so their customer service was willing to allow me to return/exchange them when I called the (800) number.  They also shared that if you call they can provide you with precise measurements, which is very handy.  For reference, I ordered the Small (after much debate) and I need the X-Small.  I'm 5'8" and fluctuate around 130lbs.  
I just can't get on board with jumpsuits | It was just ehh.  The medium fit well.
I can't take myself seriously in t-shirts with words, so the rest of the world probably can't either.  |  I ordered the medium and it was huge.

Subtotal: $255 
Stock Photo-less Marshalls items
$16 athletic leggings
(do I count workout clothes? ... nah)
$8 Forever21 store credit
$25 Old Navy rewards
$11 Gap store credit
$40 workout clothes

Total: $229

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  1. I love that you added some plaids to your wardrobe. I am on the hunt for those right now and the ones you have are super cute. Can't wait to see how you styled these.

    Thrifting Diva

    1. Plaid is the best, isn't it? Thanks so much for stopping by! xoxo

  2. You scored quite a bit! I recently purchased the plaid Old Navy scarf too. I try to stick to a budget each month too, its great for staying on track and not making too many impulse buys.


    1. Isn't the ON scarf the best?! I've already worn it a few times :) Thanks for reading!

  3. Holy wow I loved this recap! What a detailed and wonderful post! I am scared to do something similar, though ever since I got the new car, I have had no choice but to truly watch my budget again. I really think you do an awesome job dressing up casual pieces in a way where you look so effortless, laid back, but very much stylish all the time. I say this because some of these stock photos look super casual, almost like loungewear (i.e. F21 joggers), but the way you style them gives them life! Loved seeing everything you bought and what you returned! Carylee | morepiecesofme.com

    1. Thanks so much Carylee! I love my loungewear hehe, I'm glad I'm able to make it work in a non-PJ looking way :) Thanks for reading! xoxo


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