Friday Five

1.  How to actually put together a cheese plate; I'm hosting a little get together this weekend, and serving an array of international finger foods, and it just seemed appropriate to add a cheese plate.  After standing in the Trader Joe's cheese section on Google awhile, I stumbled upon this article that was actually useful.  The rest just said "ask your cheesemonger"... uh yeah sorry I don't want an $87 cheese plate nor do I have a cheesemonger.  This article gave me a good basis for selecting cheese, and wasn't full of pretentious sounding requirements.  No hate to the pretentious cheese folk out there, that's just not me ;)  

I'm also serving falafel sliders, mini homemade corndogs with chipotle ketchup, Chips/salsa/queso,  and crostini with goat cheese, prosecution, figs, and truffle oil.  And because dessert is a sizable portion of my food pyramid... cheesecake shooters, apple slices with toffee dip, and s'mores.  

2. A couple weeks ago at the Midwest Influencer's Network Style Lounge, I had the opportunity to meet the brothers behind The Normal Brand, an apparel company founded here in St. Louis.  I loved their story, and the 'Midwest' approach to quality clothes.  I've since gotten my hands on a few of their items, and I adore them.  Having worked in and studied retail, I know a quality garment when I feel one, and their stuff in on point- not to mention priced exceptionally well for the quality.   Stay tuned to hear more :)

3. Hush Puppies Cyra Catelyn chukka booties; Oh my!  So these were the shoes all the big bloggers got for free early this Fall, which usually deters me from buying something because it just feels kinda unoriginal.  I was totally that kid that didn't want to wear what everyone else did... I digress.  Anyhow, I didn't buy these, I actually won them in one of the many giveaways sponsored by the 'career-bloggers'.  That being said, they seriously might be the most comfortable shoes I own.  I am seriously considering another color because they're just that good.  The sole is super flexible, the insole has TONS of cushioning, and the suede is buttery soft.  They should make pajamas out of that suede and I would happily wear them.  But really.  

4. This dog's face; Sherlock hasn't made a blog appearance for awhile, and that's just downright unacceptable.

image via Cooking Classy

5. Creamy toffee apple dip, ie stuff you could put on ANYTHING thereby enticing me to eat it.  At work a couple weeks ago, we had a Chili Cookoff and Oktoberfest (yeah, not really related, yet celebrated simultaneously...) and someone brought this dip.  I voted for them to win the chili cookoff.  But seriously, this dip is lusciously creamy, sweet, salty, and a little crunchy courtesy of the toffee.   Oh and in case you're not sold yet, it's 3 ingredients.  Bam.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


  1. I've had my eye on those Hush Puppies ever since the bloggers started posting them, and I might have to get them now if you say they're that comfortable! What color do you own?


    1. I got the tan, and they go with EVERYTHING. I was originally considering the gray or navy, but they were sold out and I'm not a patient buyer hahaha. They are seriously the comfiest boots; I'm wearing them for the second day in a row, so that definitely says something ;)

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Ha! I am the same way about items that every 'big' bloggers gets; I really don't want whatever they all got, which is probably the opposite of what the retailer hopes will happen. :p I'm definitely going to check out the cheese board article since I'm hosting a Christmas party this year!

  3. I know this post is (over) a week old, but another rather useful guide for cheese plates was one from Iowa Girl Eats. Hers was nice for putting the whole thing together and sorting out what to have WITH the cheese.


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