how to keep a pesky fly up

Alright, does anyone else have that one pesky pair of jeans that seems to fit fine but the zipper is always popping open?  Maybe it's just me, but I have a couple pairs of jeans (one that's even a little baggy) whose zipper has a mind of it's own (including these).  While I'm sure it often goes unnoticed, getting home from a workday, the grocery store, or so forth and noticing your fly chilling wide open may be one of the most excruciating feelings ever. (Can I get an 'amen'?Cue the humble little rubber band.  I'm not talking one of those jumbo beige ones, but the itty bitty ones designed for your pigtail braids or whatnot.  Simply loop it through the zipper pull, zip up, and secure it on your button before buttoning your jeans and you're set. 

tee: forever21 {also seen here}
jeans: nordstrom (similar) {also seen here}
watch: fossil (also love)
necklace: costa rica souvenir
bag: target {also seen here}
flats: aeropostale (similar style)

{Disclaimer... my rubber bands were black and didn't show up well in photographs, so please don't judge my beautifully photoshopped bright orange 'rubber bands' I drew in... }

Some more useful information for the day:
  • "Who's" is the contraction of "who is" or "who has" {just remember the apostrophe is used when compressing two words into one}
  • "Whose" belongs before a noun to state, or ask, to whom it belongs, basically denoting ownership
  • And "whos" just isn't a word...

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