june budget

Oh hey!  I'm starting this budget post business because 1) I'm nosey and like when other people do it and 2) to keep myself accountable and make sure I realize how much I really shop.  Because it's a lot.  I shop a LOT.  So basically, the end of each month I'll share all the new items added to my closet and how much I paid for them.  I'll also share links to the items, and links to any outfits if I've styled the item on the blog yet.  Am I missing something?  Please do let me know!  Or if you have questions about how things fit, run, etc sound off in the comments or shoot me an email!
target sequin tote: $20  $25  {seen here, here, & here}
j.crew factory dark wash skinny jean: $31  $79 
j.crew floral sweatshirt: $17 x 2 = $34  $130 
j.crew factory short sleeve chambray: $31  $68  {seen here}
bright pencil skirt: $30 x 2 = $60
metallic brocade loafers: $30  $150  {seen here}
j.crew andie shorts: $23  $55  {seen here}
Total: $198

linked up with Franish's June Budget 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I meant to not buy shoes this month but how could I pass them up ;) xoxo j

  2. Oh, awesome! I love budget posts. :) I do budget posts, too. Do you follow Franish? She hosts a budgeting bloggers linkup every month; you should totally join!

    xo Kimi

    1. I do now! Thanks so much for sharing :)
      xoxo jenna

  3. I pretty much love everything you got. The tote and the floral sweatshirts are my favorites!

    1. Aww thank you! The sweatshirts are on crazy sale right now too and that tote has been on major repeat :)


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